A presentation about How Prevention Links Help Individuals with Substance Use Disorder

How Prevention Links Help Individuals with Substance Use Disorder

On March 2022 Lunch and Learn Event Getting in and Out of Marriage, Relax Teams member Morgan Thompson shared how Prevention Links help individuals with substance use disorders through vital treatment, recovery and/or support services. 

Helping the community by substance misuse prevention, and recovery support

Presentation by Morgan Thompson

If a family experiences early exposure to drug use, it can cause stress to other family members, especially the younger ones. It can also cause a child to feel emotionally and physically neglected and unsafe. That’s why it’s important to holistically address the issue before it goes out of hand, this is where Prevention Links come in. Watch this video to know how this nonprofit organization actively helps the community by helping affected families and individuals overcome challenges.

Morgan Thompson is the CEO of Prevention Links, a non-profit organization that takes a leadership role in the prevention of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and related issues.

They are based in Union County, New Jersey serving the central region of New Jersey. 

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How Prevention Links help families and individuals:

  • Preventing the development of substance use disorders,
  • Helping people to make informed choices about their health 
  • Supporting individuals and families on the journey of recovery

They work with individuals to link them to any support and services that they may need to initiate and sustain their recovery journey and so they can help get people connected to treatment. They have peer recovery specialists who are in recovery themselves, who have walked the path. They can walk it alongside individuals who are new in their process and they also work directly with families.

If the individual who is experiencing addiction isn't ready yet to seek help but the family member very much wants them to, Prevention Links work with the family member to help them communicate more effectively with their loved one and help them build that motivation to seek help and make sure that they're really taking care of themselves along the journey.

Their motto is “Everyone knows someone, help prevent the next one.”

Anyone who's listening today likely knows someone who's either struggling directly with addiction or who loves someone who's struggling directly with addiction. They ask everyone to get informed about the organization. 

Visit them online at Prevention Links. They also have a Facebook page and Instagram if you want to learn more about the services they provide, all of which are free to the individuals and families they serve. They are grant-funded through a variety of sources, there's no cost to participate in the programs they offer. 

They work with:

  • Youth 
  • Adults
  • Seniors 

  • They are currently seeking volunteers to help them advance their mission. They're also seeking corporate sponsors to help sustain their programming into the future. Prevention Links has been around for 50 years and they're working on the next 50 to make sure they can make an impact double and triple than what it was. 

    When the pandemic hit, the need for their services has grown exponentially and so they're trying to scale the work they do to meet that need.

    March 2022 Lunch and Learn Event Getting in and Out of Marriage

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