Helping Seniors to Downsize and Relocate

Helping Seniors to Downsize and Relocate

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On February 2022 Lunch and Learn Event: Children and the Elderly, Relax Teams member George Pizzo shared his knowledge and expertise on Relocation, Downsizing, and Decluttering.

A stress-free and organized life transition is made possible by Caring Transitions!

By George Pizzo

You may have been happily living in a home where so many great memories were made bit by bit. You may have made a lot of laughable moments, and even heartaches or challenges that taught you lessons that made you the person you are today. Naturally, when the time comes that you may want or need to sell your house, you will feel a little bit hesitant to do it.

Yes, we get what you are feeling!

When you are a senior, you will think that selling your home is impossible because you have to let go of the valuable things that bring so many unforgettable memories with your family. Not only that, but you will also think that this is just going to be another stressful and challenging task because you have to undergo a long process while spiking with overwhelming emotions. But there is no need to worry because George Pizzo, a senior relocation specialist from Caring Transitions is here to guide you and help you get through this process!

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Impossible you may say? Anything is possible when you are with the right person and the right team. So If you are ready to downsize and relocate to a new home where you can make new memories, continue reading as we will introduce you to a company that you must definitely consider working with.


A stress-free and organized life transition is made possible by Caring Transitions

What is Caring Transitions?

Caring Transitions is an American company that is established to assist seniors and their families with moving out, relocation, downsizing, or anything in between. They are a team of experienced professionals that are 100% trusted and with great knowledge and skills. They will make everything easy for you as they will oversee all the aspects of your moving process. They will also assist you with your decisions and provide you with a well-thought plan that allows you to spend less, worry less, and instead focus on your next phase of life.

Engaging with them is the best solution for you because they not only have the experience to facilitate the lifestyle transitions, but they also have the emotional expertise to assist you and your family to overcome a very difficult transition. They are your total solution for peace of mind and minimizing stress. They also have the services that you will need when you are looking forward to selling your home. Services relating to Relocation, Downsizing, and Estates Sales and Online Auctions will save you a lot of time and money on overpriced and unnecessary services.

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Relocating to a new home? Caring Transitions got your back! First, they will declutter your home and help you decide what to downsize, keep, donate, or get rid of. They will also be the ones to pack your things to ready your relocation. Once you are relocated and all set, they will unpack, arrange, and even organize your things according to your comfort to make it feel like home.


“We facilitate not just the logistical aspects of moving seniors, but also the emotional aspects. And we handle that with great compassion and integrity. Every move is uniqueWe take the time and effort to understand the need of yourself as maybe the child and or the parents.
- George Pizzo

Helping Seniors to Downsize and Relocate


What are their Services?

They have a team of senior relocation specialists that has the skillset that you need. They are well suited to working with the elders. They have the best resources and also understand the trends in senior living. Moreover, with them, they will help you ease your “move-out anxiety” naturally.  

As experts, they will help you sort your precious belongings with the utmost respect. Whether it is 50 years’ worth of valuable things. They are to organize what to keep, sell or donate. You might be feeling anxious about letting go of some of your belongings but they are there to help you in regards to your emotional aspect as well.

“Minimize stress and Maximize return from Estate Sale”

Their trained professionals know what items to store, clean, ship, and what to liquidate through an estate sale. They also coordinate the renovation of the house to get it prepped for sale.


Selling or having to move out of a family home can be stressful because of the process and the emotions that you will have to go through. You will even have to deal with a multitude of services because you have to clear out, clean, do home repairs, declutter unnecessary things, and even hire a company to do an estate sale. But with Caring Transitions having all those services in one, they will handle everything for you. May it be in planning, coordinating, downsizing, or relocating. Thus, with them, you will be able to reduce a huge amount of stress, save time, money, and effort.

February 2022 Lunch and Learn Event Children and the Elderly


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