Art Therapy for Children with Cathy Rosa, Art Therapist

Art Therapy for Children with Cathy Rosa, Art Therapist


“COVID is like a worldwide adjustment disorder.”

In this video, Cathy shares how it’s like to be an art therapist and how an art therapist improves the quality of life for kids especially at a time of a pandemic.

Cathy Rosa is an art therapist who opened a business called Embodied Art Therapy and Yoga working primarily with children and adolescents. She worked in hospitals, residential, and schools before deciding to shift to a community work about art therapy.

Cathy will tell you how the number of kids struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and autism has skyrocketed the past year. Also, she explains how virtual learning affects kids with issues in executive functioning and kids who are prone to isolation. 

How does an art piece help the kids? Cathy shares how creative arts modalities allow a backdoor approach that allows the material to get out of their system onto a piece of paper and how art therapists like her can process that.

Finally, through this video Cathy shares how we can help. She mentions that giving these kids a safe place to be themselves and allowing somebody to work through them is very powerful. The more loving and caring people they have in their lives significantly reduces the risk of suicide and self-injury. The more outlets they have will help keep their hope alive.

You may reach Cathy Rosa through: | (732) 439-3385 |


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