Why Downsizing Early Is A Good Idea

Why Downsizing Early Is A Good Idea

Now is the good time to downsize and enjoy your small but clean space in peace 

It is very common for people to hoard things around their big home and leave it in their basement for years. Some can’t let go of their possessions as they think it is too special to get rid of, and some don’t want to throw away their stuff because they think they would still need it at some point in their life. What they fail to realize is that the more they let their stuff sit at home, the more it will pile up and make a massive mess. It will only be very stressful to look at and it will just make them feel that home doesn’t feel like home anymore.

The key to a more organized and stress-free space is to declutter and downsize your home.

Now, you might be wondering how downsizing helps with these. Research has shown that once you have a smaller space, you won’t have to worry about many things inside your home. It will also be easier for you to maintain your home, stay organized, and spend less time and effort decluttering. 

If you are waiting for a sign to let go of some of your things and move into a smaller home, this is it. Now is a good time to downsize because this will allow you to enjoy a peaceful and stress-free home.


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Engaging with them is the best solution for you because they not only have the experience to facilitate the lifestyle transitions, but they also have the emotional expertise to assist you and your family to overcome a very difficult transition. They are your total solution for peace of mind and minimizing stress. They also have the services that you will need when you are looking forward to selling your home. Services relating to Relocation, Downsizing, and Estates Sales and Online Auctions will save you a lot of time and money on overpriced and unnecessary services.

So what are the first few steps you can do when downsizing your home?

What you can do is team up with Caring Transitions. It is a well-known company that offers services for seniors in regards to relocating, downsizing, and estate sales. There are many companies similar to them but what makes them unique is they also cater to all people regardless of their age. 

So if you are emotionally and physically ready to declutter and downsize your home, then keep on reading because George Pizzo will be giving you an idea of how they can help you go through this process.


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What drives Caring Transitions?

George said that their company is full of experienced and informed professionals. Every area in all of their services is performed by their own staff who are well trained, certified, bonded and insured. When they work with seniors, their mindset is to try to eliminate the stress that is associated with moving and downsizing as much as possible.

He also mentioned that there are many possible reasons why their clients decide to do the process of downsizing, relocating, or selling off all their possessions. Most of them lost their spouse, friends, or maybe they are getting on in age and they feel that life is not going as planned. This is a very stressful moment for them and they are definitely in their most sensitive state so letting go of things that are very valuable to them will not be easy.

This is where Caring Transitions come in. They will help them sort through all of their belongings and determine what they can sell and donate. They will also help them pack and unpack at their new residence later on.

Why do we accumulate so much clutter

George admitted that he was also one of the generations who just saved everything that they have. He had a time when he had desks full of unnecessary things and closets full of clothes that he didn’t even use and hadn’t worn in years. He had a garage that fit two cars but now there is so much stuff that is accumulating in the area that even a bicycle can’t fit. This normally happens to a lot of people these days and it is very possible that it might happen to you too. 

One of the most common reasons is whenever you would think that you can’t just throw out a particular thing you have at home because you believe that you might not need it now but you would need it at some point in your life. Therefore, you would just leave it there at your home and hold on to it for so many years.

Another cause is when you get married and you would buy a lovely house for yourself and your partner. Then you would have kids and would have to buy things for them until they grow up. All of it would just pile up throughout those years then it just gets left in the basement of the house. 

George provided 3 questions that you can reflect on to help with your clutter problem.

  1. Why are you keeping it?
  2. When should you start to get rid of it?
  3. What can you sell and donate?

The answers to these questions are simple. Get rid of the unnecessary things now and just keep the things that you know you can really use.


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Caring Transitions can get the house cleared in two to three weeks, in a fast yet careful manner. George’s team starts the process by sorting and organizing things into four categories. The categories are, (1) what can be sold, (2) what can be donated, (3) what needs to be disposed of, and (4) what the family members can take with them. Caring Transitions assists the estate sales, auctions, and other details in between until the house is ready to be put out on the market.

Why do you need to hire Caring Transitions

When George and his team work with their client, they always start with a goal and a floor plan of the new residence that their clients are moving into. The next thing they would do is to sort and organize the things to determine what they can bring with them. Once they’ve done that, they would clear out the area and help them move to the new place. But that won’t stop there, they will also help them pack, unpack, and organize all of their things.

They do everything for their client because their goal there is to help seniors save time and effort, and minimize stress. So if you work with them, you won’t notice any heavy work and stress.

He also shared some of his experience with his clients to give you an idea of how they work fast and effectively.

He had a client from New Jersey that needed help in downsizing her home. She had 10 large moving boxes of unused clothes which she didn't have space for in her new place. George and his team helped her decide what to keep and sort the things that can fit in her new residence. There were five boxes of clothes that she didn’t need anymore so what they did was donate them to an estate sale.

He also had a client of 3 family members who lived upstate New York, PA, Maryland. Their parents passed away and they needed help with downsizing their home. George mentioned that they had been working on clearing the house for over a year now but he was surprised to see that they didn’t make that much progress in that long period of time. The daughter’s room was full of things that needed to be thrown out and the kitchen cabinet was still full of clutter. But when their team stepped up and helped them declutter their home, all unnecessary things were just gone in an instant and you could feel the lightness of their home.

According to George, once you work with them, it would not take you months to clear out your house. You will save a lot of time and money and reduce your storage costs

“When we start with an estate sale, our guys get the house sold faster. Families oftentimes attempt to do it themselves and get the house emptied out themselves but it typically takes them months.” - George Pizzo


eliminate the stress that is associated with moving and downsizing with Caring Transitions

Downsizing Tips From An Expert

George also gave a few suggestions that could help you when you are thinking of downsizing your home. First, he doesn’t suggest using storage units as they are just a waste of money. He instead advised getting rid of all the things you do not need so that you can get your house cleared out and get it sold immediately. 

Second, he also said that the time, effort, and costs that you put into holding a yard sale are a waste of time because you won't be making any money by doing that. What you should be doing with all of that stuff is to get a dumpster, start tossing everything out, and donate it right away to avoid accumulating things in your home.

Lastly, he mentioned if you have a handful of things like 10 to 20 items that have some value and can be sold, what you can do instead of running a state sale is to put your things in their consignment shop and they will be the one to sell them for you. This will give you time to focus on other important things that you have to do in the moving process.


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So if you have a similar situation in your house where you need help with decluttering and downsizing your home, you can start by teaming up with Caring Transitions to achieve a fast and worry-free downsizing process. 


“I would say start now. It means to go into your closet and check those sweaters that you haven't worn in two years, those pants that have been folded up on the bottom which is the biggest culprit of this. Over time it'll just grow and grow and grow, and you'll end up with this massive problem. It’s going to end up costing time and money to resolve. So just get rid of them because you feel so much better when you don't have the clutter surrounding you.” - George Pizzo


Member’s Feedback

Dennis: “George is just wonderful. I mean, it is so emotional. So a team like George’s comes in and we would see the work behind the scenes that they do to sell the products and research to make sure you have the right service. George turns clutter into cash and it's a lot of work. And he makes sure he tells you that it can't be sold because he's an expert. He's saving you time, money, and effort. And he also helped my mom with a bunch of stuff. She still won't give up and get rid of some of it. Her new place looks like that. And she does say, “I'm having George come over this summer” because she's emotionally now ready to do that. What he does is just amazing. I can't say enough about it.


George Pizzo can help you get through the transition as pain-free and as stress-free as possible

Is it time to move? Caring Transitions will manage the entire relocation process from start to finish. Get a free consultation with George Pizzo as he can help you get through the transition as pain-free and as stress-free as possible.

Get to know George more!

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