Where do I go when I need Commercial Doors and Hardware?

Where do I go when I need Commercial Doors and Hardware?

Install Your Commercial Doors and Hardware with Jonas DeVita

Jonas DeVita is the president of Access Commercial Door a factory-direct supplier, fabricator, and installer of commercial doors and hardware located in Raritan, New Jersey.

Just like other small companies that were affected by the economic hit of COVID-19, Jonas’ company also had to adjust its plans and face unprecedented challenges. Prior to the pandemic, plans of expanding the business were a major discussion. However, they now had to change their strategy and look at different ways to increase their sales. 

Watch this video and learn more about Jonas’ plans for his company and what are the steps he’s taking. 

Hire more staff to double the output. 

Having more people on the field will help them get the job done quickly. At the same time, hiring more staff will give him more time to focus on bringing in new customers and eventually have more people doing sales and project management.

Reach out to warm leads. 

Reaching out directly to prospective clients is effective. Jonas shares how he managed to close some deals by simply talking to people and offering their services.

Use online platforms to generate leads. 

Jonas mentions using reference.com to find companies that mirror the type of customers they tend to work with. Desirae Haluk, also a member of the Team Central New Jersey shares about another online platform the businesses can use to find leads. Watch the video and find out. 

Jonas explains further what kind of products and services they offer.

Jonas goes into detail about how they offer their products and services to clients like a general contractor. Their company can provide and install stainless steel doors with specialized fire-rated glass and panic hardware plugged into a security system. With their expertise and years of experience, they make sure that they meet all specific requirements to finish a project. They carefully study and consider which type of seal and which specific type of glass they need to use. 

Who are their customers?

Their target clients are mostly commercial office spaces, food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and even big energy providers.

However, Jonas also shares their availability for schools and churches and what specific requirements they need.

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