What can business insurance do to help a business?

What Can Business Insurance Do To Help A Business?

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Keep You and Your Business Afloat with USI One Advantage

In this feature, Anthony Guzman who is an EMEA risk consultant in USI Insurance Services gave a brief overview of his beautiful family and also provided effective approaches to help small businesses manage possible risk.

About Anthony

Anthony is married to his wife who is a sales manager and a literature teacher. He is a father to three beautiful children with whom he has a strong, trusting, and loving relationship. Behind his profession, he has three hobbies that he is passionate about.

The first one is that he is extremely fond of racing formulas. He even mentioned his favorite race car driver, Lewis Hamilton, who is a British racing driver that currently competes in Formula One for Mercedes. Second, he is very passionate about baseball. His favorite team is the New York Yankees which is an American professional baseball team based in New York City. “Baseball is kind of my thing. It’s like a religion to me.”, he said. Lastly, he is the biggest Star Wars fanatic that you will ever meet. He has all the Star Wars items that you could ever think of. He has books, movies, video games, and even legos that are wholly related to the film.

Moving on to his profession, he works for USI Insurance Services which is the second-largest privately held broker in the United States. This company has served over 500,000 clients and generated nearly $2 Billion in revenue accompanied by more than 8,000 associates in 200 local offices across the country. In addition to that, they have more than 150 years of consulting and brokerage experience which greatly demonstrates their effective services.

So if you are looking for a service that can offer you the best solution to approach risk without feeling any stress or burden, USI is the one for you.

looking for a service that can offer you the best solution to approach risk without feeling any stress or burden, USI is the one for you


Why USI One Advantage?

Anthony discussed three out of five tenants that they use to approach risk without experiencing any issues along the process

1. Manage Risk at the Lowest Net Cost


USI will help you navigate the risk management process. They will stay in front of emerging issues and educate you as they progress to provide a clear outlook on the risk landscape.

“We do this with the USI one advantage. A better understanding of risk and ability to make more informed decisions and effective control of risk-related costs.”

They integrate proprietary business analytics with a network of local and national technical experts and a team-based consultative planning process to evaluate your risk profile and identify targeted solutions. Clients also receive comprehensive and tailored recommendations for proving their total cost of risk.

There are some ways that they do to help keep your net costs low. First, they tailor coverage to meet your needs. They are diligent and skilled in addressing and articulating your operational and management strengths. Thus, it is ensured that they are able to deeply understand your business in order to successfully advocate your interests. Second, they strategically position you into the insurance market. They will bring you access to exclusive products and competitive pricing with top insurance as they have established relationships with the most highly regarded insurance providers.


     2. Translating data into a customized insurance plan

    They will explore your business objectives and practices to comprehend your risk exposures and use that information to design a customized program. They make use of catastrophic modeling scientific approaches to leverage what the market offers. 

    Four resources they use:

    • Coverage Analysis

     They analyze your existing risk management program for completeness and effectiveness. This is where they look at the language, exclusions, and formulate strategies based upon your needs. 

    • Experience Modification Review 

    They evaluate and help ensure your workers' compensation coverage is accurate and calculated.

    • Classification Review

    They classify risk that tends to identify safety incentives, risk distribution, and advise you accurate remedies and fair pricing strategy.

    “We have to make sure that you're accurately classified because what can happen is you can, you can be misclassified, have an artificially low insurance policy, or you can be misclassified and have a lot of inflation.”

    • Benchmarking

    They will search for information regarding your peers, about who they are, and even where they are paying. Through this, you will have the advantage to know how your coverage costs compared to your peers and then you will be able to gauge your program competitively.


    3. Positioning you in the insurance marketplace

        Their goal is to ensure that you have the strongest risk management program available. They optimize then put you in proper exclusive programs. They make sure that they advocate for you and also ensure that the wording and exclusions on the policies fit the nature of your risk. Additionally, they also do program design. They will custom tailor your exposures and goals, and design to optimally meet your business objectives and risk budget. They take a look and make sure that the program is designed for your budget. They have market knowledge as they keep you informed about the market trends and forecasts to enable you to consider contingencies to stay on top of risk management and insurance purchasing decisions. And finally placement, they leverage the marketplace to create competition and give you a good rating while supporting your management risk at the lowest net cost.

        These are just some of the reasons why you should choose USI. But If you look and further understand their process, you will see that they have the most unique resources that meet your needs compared to other bigger agencies. 


        “USI is unique in these factors. We take a lot of the mid-market and the analytical data resources, and we bring it down to the small commercial. The mom-and-pop and the smaller businesses can take advantage of some of the larger corporations only have access to. It’s a great way to give business owners a look into the risk in a more complex and mature way instead of looking at insurance as a commodity or just an obligation. You really can use it as access for your business and for your future. Your business relies on insurance and it keeps you afloat. ”
        - Anthony Guzman



        Anthony Guzman EMEA risk consultant in USI Insurance services

        Anthony Guzman is an EMEA risk consultant in USI Insurance services. He is someone who is always ready to give accurate solutions for people who are driven to invest and grow. He also helps businesses with commercial insurance which he does in the most pragmatic way. 

        Are you ready to be one of Anthony’s clients and continue your investment without any doubt wherein you can grow effortlessly?  Get to know Anthony and learn more about commercial insurance and risk management!

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