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Relax Teams: How to Outrank Others and Get Your Business Found

Why Joining Relax Teams is Great for you

If you have a billboard, would you rather have it on the back road? Or do you want it on the turnpike? Well, the answer is obvious. But most small businesses are on the back road and not getting found. The good thing is, you can do something to have your “billboard'' in front of the people who need your services.

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Join a Team

The presentation for this week is about Relax Teams: Who we are, what we do, and how we try to help everyone grow their businesses.

How you can join Relax Teams

Go to our website at and fill out your information so that a card will be created for you. We call it the “card”, just like in sports, but that card becomes your profile.

What makes Teams so special and different is we're creating profiles for each member. There are plenty of profiles on the web but what makes your page on Teams so much better is we've validated that you are who you say you are. Getting a card into Relax Teams is not just a system-generated profile, it is an actual profile that people can trust and we are comfortable having in our Relax brand. 

There are 2 options:
1. You can be a free agent
2. You can officially join teams

Anyone can easily create a profile and we're going to make sure that you are who you say you are. So whether you join a team or not, you're going to have the communication directly with you. We’re unlike social media sites and others where we force you to be on our platform. This is more like having your own billboard to the world of who you are, what you do, and how people can reach you. That's why anyone can join as a free agent and we can have the best information of who the professionals are out there. The focus is to help each other because small businesses need help.

Why do you want to become an agent? And why do our pages get found versus others? 

It’s because size matters. If you just have your own website, it's hard to be found because there's just not enough space and not enough bandwidth. By coming together as a team and when we are working together, we become bigger than the big boys, and so we get found. All this is about helping us get found. It’s the same reason LinkedIn outrank your website, yet no one can get to it unless they sign up and join LinkedIn.

When everybody puts our billboards on Teams, we become the turnpike. That's what the focus is and so the potential client reaches you directly. That's why you'd want to have a profile.

The reason why it's been a year and a half in building and making is that we've been testing, iterating, and validating what works and what doesn't.

First and foremost our profiles, what we call our baseball cards aren't just so they look cute and look like baseball cards. They're specifically designed to be shared on social media. We've built tools that work on where social is going, not where it's been. We're focused on building your web page to where the search is going, not where the search has been. That's how we're getting amazing results with one team.

Join Relax Teams

As Relax Teams start to add more and more teams, those results are just going to get incrementally better. We have a team and that team is growing. We are obsessed with the numbers and the metrics so that your team doesn't have to be. We're obsessed that our pages get found and your profile gets found. The only thing that you need to do as a free agent is to just sign up.

Why You Should Officially Join a Team? The Real Power is in Teams

That's why you want to join one of our teams. You can still be a free agent but if you join a team that's where the real power comes in. Right now we're talking about team North New Jersey which got started very recently. If you want our playbook, we put it right here so you know exactly who we are.

With Relax Teams, what we're doing is not new, we're leveraging things that have been proven, teams work, business groups work, networking works. We're trying to innovate and change things that shouldn't happen in smoky rooms and back offices. All these groups happen behind the scenes, everyone's trading things off where no one can see it. We are live right now on social media and we’re keeping it out there. This stuff isn't happening in a back room. What we're doing is making sure that the power works. We're a bunch of professionals coming together to tell our story and support each other and help each other.

Joining a team is really helpful. There's power in teams but with power comes great responsibility. If you're going to join a team you need to be accountable to your team. We only have 30 available spots. We want to fill those 30 spots because we know that everyone's not going to make it to every meeting. The goal is to have 20-25 people per meeting. 

We support each other not just online, not just for this hour that we're together but throughout the week, whenever we can reach out to each other. That’s how Relax Teams really build a bond and support with each other while promoting our teammates.


  • Helping to fill the role
  • Support each other
  • Promote Your Teammates

We each have these great profile pages, we're out on social media,  we share it, we support each other, we’re getting that message out for each other. We're helping each other,  supporting each other, we're promoting our teamwork. What we value most, the one thing you'll never get enough of, the thing you can never tell how much you have is YOUR TIME.

Why Joining a Team is great?

  • We Value your TIME
  • We hold tight to a 60-minute schedule
  • Membership Is Always FREE

It’s because it gives you the ultimate ROI on time. That means, we're creating content. When we’re live streaming, we turn those live streams into blog posts. All you need to do if you're part of a team is show up. Show up every week or every other week as often as you can. When you're featured, you're talking to your friends, you're talking to those people who support you, you're talking to people you trust. And that’s how we generate and create really good content. 

Content is King

We all know we're supposed to create content, but we don't. We've got other things to do and we're too busy. We need content to tell our story and be heard. We need to get it out there so we make it easy for you. By just doing that, we're creating that content for you. If you're part of a team, you're having that content created and it's all being added on your profile, which is your billboard on the turnpike, so everyone can see it. That's where creating content matters.

We want to keep those memberships free as much as possible. The way we do that is with sponsorships and if everyone's supporting each other, that's great. If not, it's fine, you have the option to pay to be part of the team and not do every little requirement. You might not be able to get people to fill in roles, you might not be able to do each of those things so we'll charge a small fee less than those other hidden groups charge. We will only have a fee if you can't do those roles and tasks that are part of being a member.

Lastly, it's all about working together and we've created availability so that this should work for anyone. So if you want to join teams, just go to Pick a card, fill it out and then you can join the team.

Go to to learn more or email for your inquiries.


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Dennis Harabin is the founder of Relax Tax and Relax teams. His mission is to help US families and small business owners retain more of what they earn so they can pursue their passions. He is also obsessed with helping group of professionals come together to tell their story, support and help each other.

Get to know Dennis Harabin more!

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