Reach Your Business’ Success with Chris Lipper

Reach Your Business’ Success with Chris Lipper

You can achieve your business goals when you get On The Bus™

When you start a business, it’s normal to feel happy and somewhat fulfilled because you know you are one step away to reaching your dreams. However, you shouldn’t be complacent because as you move forward, there will be many challenges and problems which can be really stressful and frustrating. 

But, there is actually one thing you can do to somehow prevent that from happening.

It is to get personal and professional help from the experts because they will give you an idea of how to go through the said challenges and problems you might face along the way. Moreover, they will help you prepare for the unexpected and provide you with ways to achieve your business goals.

If you are looking for an expert to help you with that, then Chris Lipper from On The Bus™ is the one for you.

Chris has the knowledge and experience to help you and your business. He will give you the ease of mind by giving you professional advice and training that will help you manage your own business; may it be through sales, marketing or creating a brand identity. Not only that, he will even give you the opportunity to showcase your business to bring you closer to potential business partners and clients.


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On The Bus is a business where sales training, management, coaching, and consulting take place. They offer multiple events that cater to the community; one-on-one coaching sessions, networking events, and real-life events. They offer Daily coaching, Weekly Networking, Bi-Weekly Sales Training, Monthly Virtual Bus Trips, Monthly Lunch and Learns, and Quarterly Trade Shows.


Here are some things to expect when joining On The Bus™


1. It is ensured that there will be no competitor in your group

“If you know someone on that bus, you can't join. If your neighbor, your competitor, or someone you wouldn't feel comfortable sharing with is there in front of you, you couldn't be on that bus. It just doesn't work.” - Chris Lipper

Chris said that one client cannot join once there are known competitors in a group. This will just affect the overall training because having a competitor in your group will just be a barrier to sharing about your challenges and problems in your business. That is why he ensures that he’ll give you the best strategy to get your business growing without any present distractions.


2. Monthly meetings with business owners

Chris mentioned that their monthly meeting runs about four hours where they will have up to eight owners together of the same size. What they do there is share a challenge, get feedback from one another, and also make a commitment at the meeting to make a change.

Further, you can expect one-on-one coaching and monthly lunch and learn events to happen in between the meetings. This can be a great advantage to you and your business because you will have an opportunity to learn from other businesses as well.


3. The Upcoming 2022 Events

  • A sales training will happen on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month of April.

  • First class on April 28th: This class focuses on the review of Chapter 7 from the On The Bus™ WorkBook. This is to prepare all clients for the On The Bus Virtual Trade Show™ that is happening on June 3rd.

on the bus homepage

Chris and his team also made a virtual showroom of their company for their members and potential clients to see.

He showed his virtual office where you will see a lot of coaching tools around the walls. He also showed their training rooms where they usually have their Thursday morning meetings with one of their networking groups called the VANG Virtual. It was also seen that they have their own woodstock room, newsroom, and a wall of fame where all their Youtube videos and testimonials are posted. He showed some of his members’ offices which were Jeannie Assante’s and David Quick’s. They all meet there and talk about what’s going on with their businesses.


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He also showed their new trade show floor platform which they’re currently setting up for the event on June 3rd. He showed some of their members’ booths where they will be showcasing their business. Chris also emphasized that there will be 50 booths available on that day. Therefore, it is going to be a real trade show where hundreds of people can go around and check the items.

There are so many upcoming events that will be very exciting for every business owner to take part in! He has already helped so many clients grow and reach their success by showcasing their business so if you are ready to be one of them, reach out to Chris Lipper and get involved with them.

Member’s Feedback

Heather: I like the new trade floor. It's more open than the last one we did and they can see everything right away rather than trying to navigate and I think that's helpful for the people who have never been on the platform before and for those who are trying to navigate it for the first time at the trade show.

Dennis: I thought this was a really nice design. I really liked the first layout. And then I saw the second layout and it looks like, so the iteration factor, then the speed at which you're iterating is very impressive and it looks right.


This is growing fast. We're just trying to stay ahead of it all. We're now looking at two or three other platforms to evolve for our December show. So we have shows coming up in June, September, and December, always on the first Friday. So if you know small business owners that are looking for places to sell their goods. If you want to meet with small business owners, there's never a charge to attend. You're welcome to come. You just can't have a booth without paying, but that's okay. And all exhibitors can give presentations. And those we do in the training rooms and conference rooms in the office. So we have three or four presentation rooms going at a time. Sponsors do get an individual's slot, where there would be no other presentations at that time.”

-Chris Lipper



On the Bus Founder, Chris Lipper

Chris Lipper is the Founder of On the Bus and he works primarily with founding business owners to help them reach greater success. Over the years, he coached hundreds of business owners in sales and marketing and has experience creating brand identity and corporate image as well as product development and marketing worldwide.

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