Protect Your Identity with Jeannie Assante

Protect Your Identity with Jeannie Assante

Living into the new reality, your personal details can easily be exposed. Learn how you can protect your identity, your assets, and your life.

Jeannie Assante is a business owner from New York who focuses on identity protection. Jeannie’s goal is to make people feel secured wherever they are and whatever they are doing. 

Real Identity Theft Story

Having a roommate can be fun but sometimes we tend to forget about protecting our personal details not knowing it can be used against us. 

In this video, Jeannie shares a real story about how a young woman ended up in jail when her identity was stolen by her roommate. She got a knock on the door with a police officer coming to arrest her for crimes she has no idea about. She stayed in jail for two nights for the things her roommate had done in her name. Aside from that, she had to hire an attorney that costs tens of thousands of dollars to prove that she’s innocent.

Now, she is Jeannie’s client as she now understands the value of walking around with the secure feeling that no one will ever be able to do this to her again.

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