New Online Bookstore Alert: New and Used  Books Available

New Online Bookstore Alert: New and Used Books Available

A very easy to browse online bookstore for you! Royal Readers Bookstore makes sure that you can find the books that you're looking for. And if you're not looking for a particular book, you can find something that's in your wheelhouse to use for sure!

Website Features


  • Make sure you subscribe to see what sales are going on and what new books have entered the store. They add books every week so the inventory is always changing!


  • The website arranged the books by categories for easy browsing.
Category List
  • Novels
  • Cookbooks/Food
  • Non-Fiction
  • Children/Young-adult
  • Business/Finance
  • Health/Wellness
  • History
  • Animal/Pets
  • Religion 
  • Self-Improvement
  • Sports
  • Music/Art


"Being able to browse as easily is something that we pride ourselves on in the bookstore."

You can change how things are being sorted so you can see the available books in different ways.

  • Newest to oldest - if you want to see the things that have been most recently updated. That way you can keep an eye on what's new in the store. 
  • Price low to high - If you like getting a bargain, buying things that are discounted on sale you're gonna get a good deal, but if you wanna see what the most you can get for the bang for your buck, this is where you go to do so.
  • By date
  • By best selling - which is not necessarily the best way to go only because at our bookstore, there's usually one copy, possibly two of each book.
  • Alphabetically

If you know more specifically what you're looking for, you’ll see a little magnifying glass in the top corner. If you have a particular author in mind you can search it easily too!

Reward Program 

You can participate by creating your own store account. Or if you've already created one, you just need to log in. 

But first, you want to learn what's so exciting about this Reward Program and that is Crown Cash.

You can earn Royal Reader's rewards. 

There are many ways to earn your points, and not just in the sense of buying books.

  • Adopt a Book - you get 10 crown cash for every dollar you spend
  • Enter your birthday and earn 200 crown cash. 
  • Create your account and by itself is earning you 200 crown cash.
  • Refer a friend - Get a reward for every friend
  • Follow us on Instagram - 100 crown cash
  • Talk about us on social - 200 crown cash
  • Give your royal opinion/review - 250-350 crown cash

Inside your store account, you can see your balance. You can also see what tier you are because as you earn points, you get to unlock different tiers. And when you get to a certain tier, you add multipliers and you get bonus points as well.

Now, what can you do with all these points? 

  • You can get gift cards. Every thousand points is $5 off the gift card
  • Every 2,500 points is $15 off of the bookstore.

 Start browsing today!

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