Make Everyday Living Easier with A Place At Home

Make Everyday Living Easier with A Place At Home


The elderly deserves to be in a place where they can be safe and independent

The number of seniors is increasing every year - some of them remain in great health and some are struggling due to physical or health conditions. But regardless of the situation, it cannot be denied that geriatric care can be really difficult to deal with

You want to take care of them but you don’t exactly know how. You want to learn about first aid procedures and other senior care-related practices. However, you feel that it might be a lot for you to take in.

It is very clear that you are looking for a way to give your elderly good health, peace, and meaningful life. It’s just you don’t know how to do it and that’s ok. 

Jessica Dale, co-owner of A Place At Home, is here to give you the professional care that your elderly need.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what they can offer.


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What is A Place At Home?

They are a team of qualified professionals and caregivers that helps seniors to live safely and independently in the comfort of their own homes. They provide a wide range of custom fit in-home senior care and other services depending on their needs. They also have a Senior-Focused Care model that provides them with familiar compassionate faces and helpful personalized direction throughout their aging journey.

There are many companies that provide care to the elderly, but why choose A Place At Home?

The owners of this company, including Jessica, had similar experiences just like you. They also needed help with taking care of their elderly with health issues and they also wanted to give them the life that they desire and they deserve. They knew that there are a lot of seniors that needed help, that is why they decided to open care services for the elderly in 2012 in Omaha, Nebraska. They even expanded throughout the years which leaves them having a total of 22 facilities in the United States.

One of their offices is located in Somerville which Jessica Dale co-owns. Their branch covers Somerset, Hunterdon, Morris, and Union County and they are very excited to be of service to all of the seniors.

A Place At Home offers the Senior-Focused Care model that provides familiar compassionate faces and helpful personalized direction throughout the seniors’ journey.


A Place At Home Services

A Place At Home offers the Senior-Focused Care model that provides familiar compassionate faces and helpful personalized direction throughout the seniors’ journey. This model consists of the following services:


  • In-Home Senior Care
  • This specific service consists of a full team of qualified, compassionate care professionals assisting seniors in their homes. She mentioned that “home” could be anywhere. It could be an assisted living, independent facility, or anywhere that they call home. They go to their home to provide non-skilled services such as bathing them, helping them with dressing, taking them to appointments, doing errands, light work in the house, or anything that a senior would need help with daily.


  • Care Coordination
  • This is a service where they help seniors and their families develop professional care plans, provide recommendations and referrals, and collaborate with medical and non-medical providers.

    Jessica said that it could be a stand-alone service or an added service such as helping seniors go to the doctors. “The health system could be very difficult to navigate and confusing”, she added. Thus, a professional nurse is also the one in-charge in making the appointments and keeping the clients well-informed of their care. This will also help them understand the next steps or any testing that needs to be done. 


  • Staffing Solutions
  • She also mentioned that they partner with different facilities and offer their services when they need caregivers to fill their staffs’ shifts due to leave of absence.

    “In partnership with the different facilities, we offer our services when they need to fill their shifts because of vacation or anything like that. We can send our caregivers to fill out those shifts.”


  • Senior Living Alternatives
  • This service is free for our seniors. This is where they hold the seniors by the hand and determine their needs when they feel like home is no longer safe or if they are determined that the best thing to do is to move into a facility.. “We help them find the right facility for them”, Jessica added.


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    How is A Place At Home measured?

    According to Jessica, a company called Home Care Pulse measures and recognizes them and other home care agencies by conducting home care benchmarking studies with the goal to provide the agencies with data and resources necessary to grow.

    They also conduct service to clients and caregivers, analyze the data and recognize the agencies that best meet their set of criteria, not only at the agency level but also as an employer.

    A Place At Home is one of the companies to receive specific awards for many of its locations.

    “A Place At Home is proud to say that many of our locations were recognized last year for the best choice, employer of choice, and best home care of choice as well.”

    The Caregivers and Nurses 

    Jessica emphasized that all caregivers and nurses are all licensed by the state. They went through a comprehensive background check and drug testing to ensure trust and safety for all clients. They are continuously given on-the-job training and education to maintain their license. They are also given referral bonuses and recognition.

    Here are some of the programs that they attend to make sure that they provide the best and most effective service for the seniors:

    1) Fall Recovery Prevention Care
    2) Dementia Care
    3) Quality of Care
    4) Stroke Recovery Care
    5) Parkinson's Care. 

    She also mentioned that the corporation makes sure that its caregivers are recognized. They receive a newsletter that recognizes the caregiver of the month. They also have a convention at the end of the year where the caregiver that is recognized gets a thousand dollars and a trip.


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    A Place At Home is a team of qualified professionals and caregivers that helps seniors to live safely and independently in the comfort of their own homes.


    CARE Plan

    Jessica mentioned the approach they use that is designed to walk seniors through the process in a compassionate and respectful manner to find the best solution for them.

    Care Plans - done in an initial Intake Meeting with the client or their family accompanied by a registered nurse. Through this call, they are able to talk about their different needs. They record that in their system which is called ClearCare.

    They make an assessment for fall risk to make sure that the home is safe or if anything needs to be made. This step ensures that everything is in place before our caregivers start the services.


    The Clear Care System

    This is available to all caregivers on their mobile devices. They use this to clock in and clock out every duty. They have access to each of the clients that they serve and see all the tasks that they are supposed to complete while serving that client. 

    The ones that are not completed need to be explained as this is also visible to the clients and their families. This is to make sure that clients are being taken care of correctly based on this care plan.

    Jessica wants to invite everyone to join A Place At Home’s ribbon-cutting ceremony happening on May 5th from 12 pm to 1 pm at 50 Division Street in Somerville, New Jersey. It is a Cinco De Mayo-themed ceremony that will be very exciting for everyone to attend.

    If you know someone that needs help with in-home care or anybody that you think could benefit from these services, you can reach out to Jessica Dale and inquire about their services!



    Dennis: So, 50 divisions and that's right across from the post office where H and R blocks on the first floor, correct?

    Jessica: That is correct.

    Dennis: Do you guys take long-term care and help the patient understand the coverage that they may have with their long-term care policies?

    Jessica: Absolutely. Yeah, we do all that. 

    Lisa: And other caregivers, are they both like folks that come in for a couple of hours a day plus folks that would if needed to stay 24/7?

    Jessica: Absolutely. We offer 24/7. We offer any shifts. That's why we have so many caregivers and we're always recruiting because the needs are very different. We do a lot of the caregivers only want to do like 24/7. We have all kinds of different caregivers with different availability.

    Lisa: And if you have a list of tasks that need to be completed like they were washing dishes today besides doing the medicine and bathing and things like that. Did the folks also do light housekeeping?

    Jessica: Absolutely. Any activity of daily living that the senior needs help with.


    Member’s Recommendation

    Rachelle: As a physical therapist and the last practice that I worked for before opening my own practice, I did work in a practice where we only work with seniors and I did that for eight years.

    And companies like Jessica's are really vital to seniors. I used to encourage my families and patients to really take advantage of services like this because it helps prevent people from staying out of the hospital and keeping them at home. Most seniors and families don't recognize how important a service like this is. So it's great to know that this is available, thank you.



    Jessica Dale is the co-owner of A Place At Home located in Somerville, New Jersey. They provide customized In-Home Senior Care based on the senior’s needs. All CARE plans are created by a qualified professional and delivered by a compassionate team of caregivers. It is a FREE personalized service that helps seniors and families identify the senior care community that fits their needs whether it's independent, assisted, memory, or long-term care.

    Get to know Jessica more!

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