LegalShield & IDShield: The Best Legal and Cybersecurity Protection For All

LegalShield & IDShield: The Best Legal and Cybersecurity Protection For All

You can get legal and cybersecurity protection anywhere you go with the help of LegalShield & IDShield’s disruptive app technology. 

There were so many stressful moments that happened over the past few years, especially when the recent pandemic hit the world. A lot of people stayed in their homes to keep themselves safe from the virus. However, we cannot always keep ourselves safe from crimes and emergencies.

These cases are inevitable but there is a lot we can do to prepare for them at all times - and that is with the guidance of Oscar Capel and LegalShield


Who is Oscar Capel?

He was a dental technician for 38 years but ended up working in Costa Rica where he managed a 97-person lab in the land of the eternal spring.

“Beautiful air. Imagine getting two pineapples for a quarter in New York money. So here I am in another country making New York dollars in a very inexpensive place.”

He said he was living his best life. He wanted it to be the end of his story, but unfortunately the company he worked for went into bankruptcy which left him alone without a job and an industry.

He was almost 60 years old at that time but it didn’t stop him from moving forward. He went back to school and tried to figure out how to help people. He then became a certified identity theft risk management specialist and held workshops on elder scams and the NSF in his local libraries.

He was very lucky that his workshops got around. He was suddenly asked to do an interview on a local television program where he spoke about cybersecurity. His life really turned around and moved into the right path. Because now, he is a Risk Management Specialist and an IDshield Associate in a highly successful business that helps people relieve stress.


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Most small businesses will tell themselves “what's a hacker going to do with me, why is he really gonna come after my business as opposed to a bigger business?” The reality is, that smaller and medium businesses are prime targets because they're easy to hack. Hackers can go in, hack into your system, and put a ransom on you very quickly and so that's why you need cyber insurance even though you're a small business.


LegalShield gives legal advice and representation at an affordable rate, no matter how simple or complicated the case.


Oscar is partnered up with LegalShield. It is a company that has evolved over the years to provide individuals, families, small businesses, and even start-ups easy access to legal services.

All their clients are given 24/7 access to a team of lawyers who give legal advice and representation at an affordable rate, no matter how simple or complicated the case. They are also given huge discounts from partnered stores and organizations. There are many benefits you can get when you purchase their services. So if you are interested to know more about it, you may contact Oscar at any time.


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With some health insurance options, you are provided with a group of doctors and providers who are all on the same network. You pay a monthly fee and you are given access to a group of doctors and hospitals. This is a very similar concept to how LegalShield works.


Navigating the new Socio-Economic Landscape: How Legal and Identity Theft Benefits Enhance Employee Wellbeing.

According to Oscar, they recently published a guide that is made to inform all employers concisely about how they could protect their employees and their company’s bottom line.

“This is for employers trying to figure out how to best protect their employees. And by protecting their employees, they protect their bottom line” - Oscar Capel

Although he said that the recent pandemic situation changed everything for the socioeconomic landscape as legal assistance through digital devices has increased significantly in the last two years. This only means that most people now prefer to stay at home and look for services that will no longer require them to go out. For that reason, LegalShield made it easier for them. They made a very convenient application that caters to all people in need of assistance regardless of where they are.

Currently, many people have been using the application as shown in the study that they conducted in the year 2020. “The percentage for estate planning, landlord, tenant, family, or consumer finance has gone up. So people are starting to use the service more and more.”, he added.

He even said that they were also expecting that the majority that use their application are older adults, however, they noticed that this is no longer the case. Data has shown Generation Z uses the service 157 times more than the Millennials.

Now, there’s this one question that they had in their mind: “Why are the younger people using this service a lot more than the older folks?”

The answer is easy. Generation Z is bound to use service technology compared to the Millennials most especially when they are the first digital natives, thus, they know how technology works and where to access applications that could benefit them.

“The younger you are, the more you are connected to your device”

Now, you might wonder how young people could afford these kinds of services?

LegalShield is available to everyone, for less than you would think. People used to think these services were really expensive and unresponsive, but with them, anyone can get it because they made law firms more accessible with the use of disruptive marketing and app technology.

Their company even has the best law firms representing one law firm per state, and this includes Coleman Kramer Monaco. They are proven professionals so you won’t even have to worry about a thing because you already know that you are in good hands.


Anyone can get Legal Assistance with LegalShield because they made law firms more accessible with the use of disruptive marketing and app technology

Here are five reasons why you should access their services:

  • Consumer problems
  • If you have any problem with some products or services that you recently purchased, you can immediately use the law firm and resolve the problem in an instant. Oscar gave his experience as an example of this. He used LegalShield and subsequently wrote a letter to Toyota because he was unsatisfied with some of their services. Then, after their dispute, they immediately apologized and returned his payment. 

    “This letter cost me nothing. It's part of the service. This is what you need for access to your firm. As long as you have access to your phone.”
  • Your Will
  • He also mentioned a service where they will provide you with a Will Questionnaire that has eight pages that you must fill out with some of your information in order for them to develop an estate plan that meets your particular needs. 

    “That's all you need to fill out. That goes to the law firm. The law firm will take it from there and finish off the will.
  • Violation
  • Another reason that you should get the law firm is when you have a moving violation. You might have good reasons or excuses in the world but once they have a badge, they have the backing.

    Traffic tickets are bad for two reasons. One, we pay a hell of a lot of money. Two, if points go on your license, you're paying for that ticket every time you write a check to your insurance company.

    But if you have their app on your phone, you can just submit a traffic ticket instead and the moving violation will automatically go to the law firm. If the violation is out of state, for just $49, they will represent you in court. They also have a feature called Oprah Winfrey which is a 24/7 365 emergency button you can use whenever you are in a situation where you need to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible.

    “If you're ever in a situation where you need to speak to the lawyer at two o'clock in the morning because something huge has happened, that button is available for us.”
  • Identity Theft
  • He mentioned that our information is out there, being sold, and being used against us. Last year, there were a total of 34 billion records stolen.  “This is not stopping, it's getting worse. And we really need to be vigilant”, he added. 

    So how do we prevent this from happening? What do we do to protect our identity?

    There is a company called ID Shield where licensed private investigators will team up with you once you sign up for them. You won’t even worry about anything because of a limited power of attorney and they will take over the case and fix it for you.

  • Sexual Predators
  • There is a feature where you would know all the registered sex offenders around the area.

    “You can set it. 5, 10, or 15 mile perimeter from where you're located. And it will let you know all the registered sex offenders that are in the area.”

    You can get this service for a very reasonable price. The best thing that they have for families will cost $64.90 a month, which is only about $2 a day. When you purchase that, you will have member perks where you get discounts on other services that are available. 


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    When your car is hit, you know you can call your car insurance agent. When you get sick, you know you can call your medical insurance agent. However, when somebody decides to take your identity and use or misuse it, do you know who to call?



    As mentioned, this company gives continuous financial surveillance and protects the identity of their clients may it be from fraud or malware.

    “IDShield not only alerts you about threats, but they’ll also work for as long as it takes to restore your identity - guaranteed.”

    Oscar introduced their latest feature called Reputation Manager where they partnered up with trend micro to build it successfully. He suggests everyone to get this service because this is something that will make sure that everything is good with you and your reputation.

    To do that, they have this digital footprint where they scan everything you put online to ensure that the message that you post is appropriate for publishing. What the AI does is look through pictures, look through any posts, pull out words. He then gave his experience as an example of how it works:

    I had a post saying “I just finished Mel Robbins, new book, kick ass. It's a fantastic book.”. I get a ping on the phone and it says “we've discovered language on one of your social media accounts”.”

    Your information is out there online. To save your reputation from misinformation, this feature will help you get rid of that information that may not be appropriate to be posted out there.


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    People want to make money on their website right that's why it's there. It's either directly an e-commerce site or it's something that you want them to call for business purposes. So when your website is hacked you're not going to make money. So it's important that nobody ever goes to your website and finds you in Google, Bing, or Yahoo and they see a warning saying “this site may be attacked”. They're probably going to click that first button that says “get me out of here”. So it's not good at all and your business may suffer.



    The importance of having legal services available at hand has increased over the years. Especially now that we are more dependent on technology as well as on each other, a lot of cases in life and business will always need legal assistance.

    Fortunately, we have Oscar and LegalShield to help us with that. Their services will give us the professional legal services that we need anywhere and anytime, helping us get justice and reducing stress in the process.


    Oscar Capel

    Oscar Capel is the risk management specialist and the associate of IDShield/LegalShield. Their company protected businesses and families with their award-winning services for 50 years. Currently, they have this disruptive marketing and app technology that any individual can use whenever they need protection and legal assistance from identity theft, violation, and more!

    If you are also someone who needs these kinds of services, reach out to Oscar to learn more! 


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