College Journey: Everything you need to know.

College Journey: Everything you need to know.

The ONLY College Playbook That You Will Ever Need

The College Playbook is an interactive playbook that helps individuals who are planning or seeking to apply to different colleges and universities. This has been developed and designed by financial experts, college experts, and industry experts to provide insights that will allow them to formulate a plan and help them deeply understand the important aspects to consider when applying to college. They can also get an advantage when they purchase this playbook; they will not only be able to customize their own team that fits their needs and have access to software toolkits, BUT also get early access to project scholarships that could help them pay for college at the most reasonable price!

In the video above, Dennis Harabin CPA, the founder of Relax Tax, provides an overview for the students and the parents to get a glimpse on what this college playbook have in store for them. There are six (6) modules in every chapter that can walk you through your whole college process and we will introduce them to you very briefly.

The first chapter is You Are Not Alone. It is all about the experts behind the college playbook. All of their background, specialties, and accomplishments are mentioned in this section as it will let you get an idea on who the people you will be working with.

The second one is The Road To College Starts Now. This chapter talks about the ways on how to basically start college on the right foot. May it be in getting an expert’s advice or identifying the possible complications that could happen during the college process.

The third chapter talks about Developing A Successful Plan wherein Mr. Russ Vitale, the founder of Destination College, discusses how to develop a strategic plan that could help in getting great results from the journey. He also mentioned here that the families should focus on the important things needed such as the right resources, choice of class, and tests in order to avoid getting distracted in the process.

The fourth one is the Financial Factors Impacting Your Journey. This one is actually very important to talk about. Being able to plan ahead and review the basics of Financial Aid 101 can make a huge impact in the process as it will help you get the idea on how to determine the type of aid that you deserve and also help you negotiate on the best deal there is.

The fifth chapter is Your College Criteria Personified. There are following criterias that every student should consider when applying to college. The Academic, Social, and Financial criteria of the school. It is very necessary because this could guide them on choosing which school is right for them.

The last chapter is A Happy Child Is A Successful Child. This discussion is all about giving exceptional advice to both students and parents on how to get the BEST preparation for college. Being able to do this can turn your child’s college into the most holistic experience.


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Purchase our interactive playbooks to have the advantage of getting information that will lead you in to achieving your desired results. We can assure you that you are never alone in this journey as we, along with the Destination College, are here to assist you.

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