Not Your Typical Scholarship System: Project Scholarship

Not Your Typical Scholarship System: Project Scholarship

About Project Scholarship

Project Scholarship is a non-profit 501(c) organization that helps move students from classroom to career with little to less debt. Project Scholarship helps students to earn micro-scholarships by completing employer projects. It also allows students to expand their network and meet new people. Project scholarship was a proven concept which was proven when version 1 was released. Once the world went into a pandemic, we went back to the drawing board to see how we can improve the experience with version 2!  Version 2 is planned to be released very soon in 2021!

Why Join The Team 


With the brand new approach of version 2, there are many things to be excited about to be a part of the team. By being a part of the team, you will have a say on how Project Scholarship is run and shaped. With there being a problem with students coming out of college with a lot of debt, you can have a say on how you want to approach the problem. The other reason why joining the team is beneficial because you can earn money by completing projects, and you can meet new employers, and expand your network. We are looking for other students to join the team who are passionate about having less debt graduating college, and can motivate others to be a part of Project Scholarship. 

 PS - Profile General


When joining project scholarship the individual will have an individual profile that can be personalized to tell your story. This profile is supposed to demonstrate what you are all about, whether that is through a video or pictures. The best part about the profile is that it does not have to be formal. Project Scholarship’s goal is to take away the paper resumes and to replace them with individuals showing off their skills through projects. Within the profile, a custom card will be created just for you. Not only can you earn scholarships just through projects, but people can also support you by donating to your profile. By telling a great story, you can get donations to pay for your tuition from people who want to see you succeed. These donations are also designed to not affect financial aid one bit. 

Role: Team to Create Individual Profile's 

With students creating profiles, and crowdsourcing funds we will need a team to work on the profile. The technology side is all covered on the backend, but having a support team to help create these profiles and automate the process is a big part. We have a lot of good ideas in mind but do not necessarily have all the team members to do it. With the goal being national, we are going to need a team that can help create a diverse group with different backgrounds, cultures, and environments that can make Project Scholarship for everyone. A diverse team can also help with wide adoption. 

All About High School Teams

The high school teams will not be addressed in the second half of 2022. The high school teams will be very helpful to high school students by gaining some exposure and experience to real-world projects. In high school, they did not teach about scholarship and how important it can be. Our key focus is to make sure these students can afford college. We want to build out projects that can allow these students to earn scholarships before they even start college.

What's In It For Me - Employers

It is also very beneficial for the employer to post projects for the students to complete. On the employer side of things, by creating a project, should be manageable and a clear indication that students can complete the task that the employer requires. It is like the pre-course of an internship. The employers can select a single scholarship or multiple scholarship winners with the selected amount of the scholarship. From their project scholarship will take care of itself. These projects should be enticing that can appeal to the students. The clearer and more detailed the instructions and requirements are the better results the students can produce. The scholarship should also be funded in advance before the project is out to the public. Another benefit of creating projects is that it takes away the risk of hiring off a paper resume. You can see first hand what the student skills are for that specific job. 

Role: Team For Employer Projects

Just like there is a team behind the individual projects, there is also going to be a team behind the employer projects. We envision this team to change and adapt for when Project Scholarship grows. The main focus for this team right now is to help create a standardized process that helps employers post these projects on the website. We are looking for individuals who are creative, good with software, and can help design and shape a website. 

Role: PR Face

Just like every team, we are looking for an individual who can be the face of the Project Scholarship. The role of PR Face of Project Scholarship has to love being on social media, outgoing, and communicating with people to get Project Scholarship out to the public to tell them who we are and what we do. This role also requires that the person be passionate about helping people graduate with less debt and a natural person. Being a PR Face of Project Scholarship can sound scary, but in reality, we are all students and it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them. 

 Who Shouldn't Apple To Join The Team

If your somebody who is a student of life who cares about students learning and graduating with less debt, then there is a role within Project Scholarship for you. On the other hand, if your part of a team that does not participate and is not active then maybe it is not best to be a part of the team. Just like the saying goes “you are only as strong as your weakest link.”  If the individual is just doing their job, then maybe this role is not for you.

If you are interested of being apart of Project Scholarship, please email