Improve Your Ranking with Google Analytics

Improve Your Ranking with Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics to Increase your ROI

When we talk about the basics of SEO, advertising, tracking, and prospect outreach, the first step before doing any of these functions is to install Google Analytics and tracking codes/pixels on a website.

website analytics and key metrics

Google Analytics Metrics

There are many reasons why this should be on a website. At the simplest most basic level, a website owner should know key metrics such as:

  • The number of visitors over a certain period of time
  • The length of time a visitor stays on your site
  • Which pages were visited
  • Conversation rates for taking certain actions
  • Source of traffic

This is basic, and yet vital, information that every website owner should know about their site. Granted, if someone has a website for just family members to look at pictures or to keep track of grandkids, it may not be required. However, any serious business that is marketing online via their website should have this information.

Now, when we take a look at specifics to advertise via Google, this becomes even more imperative. Sales, Marketing, and Advertising 101 show that knowing our target audience and focusing on key demographics will yield better results than blindly not targeting the proper market. 

How Does Google Ads Work?

When someone advertises with Google, the ad can be targeted to specific demographics such as gender, age, location, interests, etc. Usually, an ad campaign is created and then it is monitored based on the results. Under-performing ads can be modified or paused while higher converting ads can be boosted for more visibility.

When someone advertises with Google, it is very rare that they are the only one advertising for the same product or service. For example, there are many divorce attorneys that advertise on Google. Each of these attorneys (or their firms) is competing to get in that first spot, not only organically, but as an advertiser. 

For simplicity's sake, let's just say there are 5 divorce attorneys in my area advertising with Google. Even though Google is in the business of selling advertising space, they are serving 2 clients - both on each side of the advertising equation. On one side, the advertisers - they make money when people click on the links and visit the website (as one example). On the other side of the equation, Google has the individual searching for the attorney. Google really wants to make these searchers happy and deliver the "best result based on their search term."

The big question then becomes, what does "Best Result" mean to Google? Well, that is the billion-dollar question that only Google knows the answer to! However, we do know (and this is well-known throughout the industry) that popular websites rank higher than lesser-known websites. Sites with more traffic rank higher. When Google knows a lot about a website, Google can ascertain whether or not it will be a good result for the individual searching.

Paid Traffic

This is true for not only organic rankings, it is important for PAID traffic as well because Google needs to make that decision on which ads get shown. When someone pays to advertise with Google, it is not guaranteed that your ad will be shown every single time that search phrase is queried.

Back to the 5 local attorneys. If one website has Google Analytics installed and Google know about the traffic it receives and who the visitors are, what their interests are, and what they are looking for, and knows that this is the top website in the area, you can be pretty sure that Google will select that attorney's ad to a position at the top for that search firm. Google simply knows what it can expect and will be confident with that decision.

Google might not know much about a website without tracking and therefore the ads may not be shown to the best prospects.

With all of this said, it is extremely helpful to get your ads shown to the best audience when Google knows about your website and its visitors. Installing Google Analytics on a website increases your ROI significantly and it is highly suggested to anyone that is advertising online to ensure Google Analytics is installed on the website.

In fact, without tracking, how can you tell if your advertising is even working?


Paul Taubman II - Digital Maestro, Chief Online Strategist


Paul Taubman II - is the Chief Online Strategist of Digital Maestro. He is skilled in areas such as Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), List Building, Database Optimization, Website Security, and just about any area that impacts your online presence. He has his roots deep in the world of technology. Working as a Solutions Architect at Fortune 500 companies for over 25 years, Paul knows how to get systems to talk to each other and share data.

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