How To Stay Top of Mind And Get More Clients and Prospects

How To Stay Top of Mind And Get More Clients and Prospects

Building Relationships and Bringing More Referrals

In this article, you will learn very easy ways to stay top-of-mind with your connections and get more clients and more referrals. Learn what Relationship Marketing is and get tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile from Marketing Consultant, Kim Pearlstein.

With all the things that we can do in our business today, it can be really overwhelming to market your business. 29% of small businesses are overwhelmed and there are some really interesting statistics out there.

The #1 reason a customer doesn't come back is that they forgot about you. For each month that you don't communicate with your customers, you lose 10% of your influence. It doesn't matter how much someone knows, likes, and trusts you if they don't remember you when they're ready to make a buying decision. Everybody always talks about like and trust, which is really important.

However, if you're not communicating consistently, they may not even remember you when they're ready. 

85% of business today is driven by personal word-of-mouth referrals, and 93% of consumers, trust referrals over any other form of advertising.

The question is: What are you doing to maintain customer loyalty and get repeat business? What are you doing to get referrals?

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Relationship Marketing

  • Building long-term relationships with customers and prospects (rather than encouraging one-time sales)
  • Stay top-of-mind with consistent communication

Marketing Tools

Staying top of mind, getting more referrals

  1. Digital Marketing 
    1. Social Media - See this related post How To Increase Your ROI From Social Media
    2. Email Marketing
  2. Tangible Touch
    1. Greeting card -  Personalized greeting cards and gifts is a way to stand out from others.

Want to know a way to generate leads for 10 cents each? Contact Kim here.

The Most Powerful Way To Differentiate

Be remembered as someone who makes others feel valued. Like what Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Relationship Marketing System

SYSTEM: Saving You Significant Time, Energy, and Money 

Systems are really important. We can do things from the computer, from your iPad, your phone, and even send a real card or gift in the mail. How? The answer is Mailbox Power.

Kim is one of the certified training partners for Mailbox Power. She has been using the system almost since the beginning of the company and she volunteered to be a trainer because she loves the system so much. 

What is Mailbox Power

    • Create and send a real proper greeting card quickly from your computer or phone.
        • It's not any card. It's a real card in the mail, high-tech high-touch. Mailbox Power is very easy to use sending real cards in the mail.
    • Customize cards with your own photos, graphics, and personal message.
        • The company doesn't put any of its brandings on your items.
    • Company prints, addresses, stuffs, stamps, and mails for you
        • They print a lot of different items, addresses, stamps, and they mail, everything, including packages. 
    • Can also include personalized gifts and gift cards
        • Ex. a water bottle that has your logo on it
        • But if you're sending something to a client, thanking them for their business, you can put their logo on it. You can put a picture of their pet, their house, or any creative idea you have.

Why use Mailbox Power instead of everything else? 

Everyone has a mailbox. 

  • Everyone has a place in their home where they keep the mail.
  • Email is great because you're getting into people's inboxes and everybody's always looking at their emails, but you're lucky if you get an 11% open rate on an email. Direct mail gets 90% opened.
  • Adding a name to your direct mail piece can increase response rates significantly (by 135%). Mailbox Power has the capability to personalize everything they send by putting a name or picture on it, and still being able to automate your follow-up.
  • 39% of consumers try a business for the first time because of direct mail.
  • And with direct mail, you get a 29% return on investment.

Vertical Market: Real Estate FSBO

Vertical Market: Real Estate FSBO

In the image above, someone sent 14 postcards for less than $9 and got a return on investment of $1.2 Million in sales.

Vertical Market: Landscaping Contractor

Vertical Market: Landscaping Contractor

In the image above, the landscaping contractor sent 1,263 postcards for less than $500 and got a $100,000 in sales. 

Vertical Market: Customer Engagement

Vertical Market: Customer Engagement

In the image above a one-card was sent for less than $8 and the return on investment was a big smile. 

Special Offer/s

  • A free list of 100 leads when you sign up for an exclusive Mailbox Power account by July 31, 2022. Reach out to Kim here.

Mailbox Power Review

From Oscar Capel of LegalShield

“I found that about mailbox power when I had an introduction to it, I got a box in the mail with a card and I'm over 60 years old. And I got really excited because I got two brownies that said made, especially for Oscar. And then I was like, this is so cool. 
So using that again to be top of mind, I'll send out brownies (to my clients) and then two weeks later they'll get a card saying, have you set up all things that you need to set up with IDShield and LegalShield? And then a month after, I’ll write and send how happy are you with the service and who do you know that I can help? And the fact that we can send that, how they automatically send out birthday cards five days before someone's birthday, that is top of mind automated!

Did you know that there are a lot of new features on LinkedIn that you may not be aware of? 

Here are a couple of new things to take note of that can really help you stand out on LinkedIn from Kim.

  • LinkedIn Cover Story
        • You can only do it from your phone.
        • It's when you go to someone's profile on LinkedIn and you see a little video playing where their headshot is, that's called a Cover Story.
        • It's a 30-sec video clip and you don't have to have a premium account to do it.
        • It's a cool way for your profile to stand out when someone goes to visit your profile.
    1. Live Videos
          • You can live stream on LinkedIn
          • You need to apply to be able to do it. Complete a quick form to submit.
      1. Creator Mode
          • Helps your content be seen a little more.
          • In creator mode, you can put hashtags for topics and you can also put a website right on the front page.

        Special Offer/s

        • Free LinkedIn Report (It teaches you the five updates you can make easily on your profile.)
        • Profile Review and 90-Min Hands-On LinkedIn Strategy: $249

        What would a 90-min session typically consist of? 

        “We would optimize the profile as much as we can. The profile optimization is basically me holding your hand, teaching you how to change your profile to make it better. I'm a hands-on person. So we're going actually to make changes to your profile during the session. We're not going to have time to do everything, but it would be first making sure that the profile is optimized and teaching you the information you need on there if it's not complete already.

        And then if it is pretty complete, the rest of it would be a strategy on how to use LinkedIn. So depending on what your profile looks like. I also have packages with more than one session because one session is really not enough to optimize the profile and teach you how to use it. I could teach LinkedIn all day long and you're still not going to get everything you need because there's so much in there, start with the one session is good.” 



        Marketing Consultant Kim Pearlstein Contact Information


        Kim Pearlstein is a Marketing Consultant and a Certified Training Partner for Constant Contact and Mailbox Power

        “I teach business owners how to effectively use LinkedIn, Email Marketing, and Relationship Marketing to grow their business.”

        Kim’s ideal clients are business owners who are overwhelmed trying to market their business online and need a better strategy for reaching potential customers. She can serve any industry, but she helps many Realtors, Insurance Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Health and Wellness practitioners, and Network Marketers.


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