How To Sell Your Rare and Valuable Items Instantly

How To Sell Your Rare and Valuable Items Instantly

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There is an advantage to finding rare and valuable items when moving out!

Camille Bell is currently working with George Pizzo on his two businesses - Caring Transitions, and Rare Finds and Hidden Treasures. With Caring Transitions, they assist clients that need help in relocation, downsizing, decluttering, and estate sales. And Rare Finds is a consignment shop selling rare and unique items at an affordable price with the option to upcycle and restore old items. Camille gave specific details about what they do for their clients in both companies and gave an overview of her sideline business, which is called the Junkin’ Jersey Girls.

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Caring Transitions, they assist clients that need help in relocation, downsizing, decluttering, and estate sales.


Caring Transitions Somerset, Middlesex and Union County, NJ 07922

Many people nowadays are going through a difficult period that involves the so-called “Four D’s” which stands for Death, Debt, Downsizing, and Divorce. If you are experiencing any of the following, Caring Transitions can assist and give you the help you need. They are CRTS certified, therefore, they are a team of experienced professionals that you can 100% trust. They can facilitate you on the logistical aspects of moving and as well as provide emotional expertise that you need to overcome a very difficult transition.  

So how does their process work?

The first thing they will do is to have you undergo an assessment. This step allows them to know your specific needs which will help them develop an effective and well-thought plan that can give you the total solution for a peaceful and stress-free experience. They will also help you go through your belongings and help you decide what items to keep, to let go and put a price on.


“We go in and handle families in a sensitive way and a patient way. We go through their belongings and just assist with making sure what items they want to keep, what items they're ready to let go of, and pricing it. We take it from there, have an estate sale and open up the house for people to come in.” - Camille Bell


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 service to customers that would like to upcycle, restore, and repaint their items 


Rare Finds and Hidden Treasures 43 Floral Avenue New Providence, NJ 07974

Furthermore, you will definitely come across a lot of challenges along the process. There is a big possibility that some of your items are not being sold and there might be some that you just can not see taking part in the auctions. But do not worry because this is where Rare Finds goes in. Rare Finds is a consignment store located in New Providence, New Jersey which opens every other weekend to display rare and valuable items that are impossible to find in any other modern stores. Their items might include vintage clothing, antiques, or any unique home decorations! So if you are interested in collecting these things, you can go on and visit their store to check and shop!

Junkin’ Jersey Girls Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Camille is so passionate about finding and selling rare items that she also has a side business called Junkin’ Jersey Girls, which in fact also corresponds to what service Rare Finds offers. They are located at the Canvas House Antique Center in Point Pleasant, New Jersey where they display antiques and vintage items for sale. She also gives service to customers that would like to upcycle, restore, and repaint their items.


Moving out and selling some of your beloved items is more complicated than you think. If you are doing these things alone, the process itself is going to take a lot of your time and energy. But knowing that Camille Bell of Caring Transitions and Rare Finds is here to help, your moving out and selling of items can be done in an instant without you feeling all the overwhelming emotions like stress or even depression. Team up with them and they will handle everything for you that you need to get done.


Dennis: With Rare Finds, if there's a customer that comes in with furniture that needs restoration, are you able to help them and work with that?

Camille: Absolutely. I also have a couple of pieces in there right now that I've kind of upcycled and painted in. So they're there to be seen as well. And I do custom work. So if someone did come in and there's just a plain wooden dresser or bookshelf, and they say “oh, well, I would love it to be white or yellow or something funky.” I can definitely do custom work.


Dennis: What if they want to do something that is of their own, or have some family value to them or some sentimental value, or do you do that as well, where they bring in their own product to you or not?

Camille: That hasn't happened yet, but yes, I would definitely do that. Outside of Rare Finds, I have some customers that have contacted me with sentimental pieces that were their grandmother's, but now their daughter has it and they want it lime green. But to keep the hardware the same, I listened and talked to people and just figured out what their vision is for a piece.


Chris: I have a friend down by the Jersey shore in the Asbury area. He's got a van he drives around to garage sales and things like that and picks up these treasures. Would that be a good referral for you?

Camille: That would be an awesome referral for me because I love finding items that are just different architectural. I love coming across different vintage designs.


Drew: If I was in possession of something that I'm not sure if I want to keep or donate or get rid of and I just wanted to find out how much it is. The price is the deciding factor, whether I keep it or not. Is that something that you and George do because obviously, you'd have to know how much you would sell it for if it was in the store, right?

Camille: Yes. As far as knowing the value of your item, that is definitely something that I do. I've done it and finding the value has become everything at your fingertips for the most part. With online searching or online tools, but even just with networking, I have people that I can actually kind of speak with in regards to finding out the actual value.

It's funny. I came across a print at a thrift store last week and something about the print just spoke to me and it was a $6 print I did my research and I just kind of followed up. I actually contacted some galleries and it actually turned out to be a highly desirable print and I actually sold it to a gallery in Hampton, Massachusetts. So it'll be hanging there to complete the collection of Japanese artists. So yeah, I could definitely assist with finding the value of something before you let it go. And then you might decide to keep it or sell it.



Camille Bell is someone who is very passionate about finding, customizing, and selling rare and beautiful treasures. She has a side business called the Junkin Jersey Girls where she displays rare and unique items for sale and also helps her customers in upcycling, restoring, and repainting their items. She also works with George Pizzo where they assist in relocating, downsizing, decluttering, and setting an estate sale for clients in Caring Transitions and Rare Finds.

If you are looking for someone who can help in transitioning and selling your old items that you found while moving out, Get to know Camille more!

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