How To Increase Your ROI From Social Media

How To Increase Your ROI From Social Media


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You can improve and increase your ROI from Social Media with just one platform!

There are so many people in the world who are heavily invested with our modern technology, specifically, social media platforms. We are talking about 3.96 billion people who are using social media which will continue to increase over the coming years. For that reason, businesses began to see this as an opportunity to market their own product and create engagement with their consumers online.

Who uses social media?


According to research, a gathered poll showed that ages 18-29, 30-49, 50-64, and 65+ are at a social media usage rate of 84%, 81%, 73%, and 45% consecutively. It is clear that young adults are the ones with the highest data since they are the most tech-savvy above all. But what is interesting about this was it was shown that the baby boomers are finally bridging their gap with technology and becoming more familiar with social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. So why is this so important to know? In the business world, this information will help you determine who your target audience is and which platform has a bigger chance to reach your potential customers.

Are you looking for ways how to handle your business and effortlessly increase your ROI on social media? We got you covered because, in this feature, Desiree Afan from Relax Social Media will help you understand how important social media is and also give you an overview of their superior software that makes social media management a lot easier.

Social media management is very challenging for some because it takes a lot of time just creating content, scheduling them, and monitoring its growth but you do not have to worry because Desiree and her team can help you with that. They are using proprietary software which makes it easier to manage all of their client’s accounts.


Which social media management tool is best?

Relax Social Media will help you save time, stay relevant, attract attention, increase engagement, and increase ROI.

You can achieve all these by partnering up with them because they have the following resources that will help you in achieving the social media growth that you are going for. 

  • The first one that they have is In-depth analytics. This will be very beneficial for you because of how it helps in detecting which posts are working or not.

  • The second is that you will be able to respond to all messages and comments inside the platform. This is very helpful since it will allow you to manage all messages and comments from your multiple social media accounts.

  • Third, you have calendar and grid viewing options. This will make everything easier for you since it will help you monitor all scheduled content for the whole month, for the whole week, or even daily.

  • Fourth, you have unlimited content storage. Unlike other drives, there is unlimited storage in the platform that can store multiple contents.

  • Fifth, the platform has millions of copyright-free images available for posting. All of these being associated with a relevant caption will give you the advantage of increasing engagement to consumers.

  • Finally, you will be able to create schedules of content stress-free because the platform has an easy setup where you can schedule content ahead of a certain day or time.


How to increase your ROI from Social Media


Relax Social Media App Features

  • Dashboard

This is where you can see all the work that your social media team is doing. You can connect unlimited social accounts, unlimited users, and unlimited integrations.


  • Content Library

This is where all your media files are stored. There are category tags available for easy organization. This is important to have since having an organized file will help you determine which is working and not working.


  • Easily Accessible Content

You do not have to worry about adding your existing blogs to the platform manually. Once your accounts are connected, the app automatically adds all of your content inside the platform. 


  • Streamline Approvals

The advantage of this is that in just one click from the link, you and your team members will be able to view, add elements, or even request edits on all contents.


  • Monitor

The team will ensure that all of your posts and results are monitored. They will also apply necessary changes that have to be done.


  • Social Inbox

This is available on the platform for you to easily manage all recent posts, comments, and statistics.


  • Historical Analytics

All engagement metrics across all platforms are viewable. Through this, you will be able to track likes, comments, share, and even track your follower growth whenever you implement new campaigns and strategies.


  • Active Insights

The platform also creates recommendations based on the main analytics. This will give you the idea of which types of posts are working and which window of time people are usually engaged with your post.


  • Reporting

Creating reports has never been easier. In just one click, the platform will generate a link where you will be able to see your monthly report.

With all this being said, managing your business alone is difficult because of the never-ending process that you have to go through but having Relax Social Media as your team will help you save time and step up your business’ game by utilizing the variety of tools that they will offer you.

Reach out to Desiree and see actual results!

“We need to be patient to see the results because it really takes time. We also need to understand that increasing the ROI is not just from clicks, engagement rates, or web traffic. It is also from your presence alone in social media. The way you engage in conversations, respond to questions, and interact with your audience.”
- Desiree Afan


Drew: The franchise provides a ton of content for me and it's a matter of me deciding where to put it. Would your platform be helpful for something like that? If I already have the content?

Desiree: “Definitely. If you have the content, we can pick that for you again. If you have decided on which platforms you want it to be posted, then it's up to you. But we will also give you a recommendation and prepare a marketing strategy for you at the beginning so that we can also study your target audience as well. And of course we will test it and that's why all this analytics is important because we have to check if it's working. And if it does, we will continue the campaign.

Andrea: You said that there's a feature that tells you the best time to post. Is that structured based on “why” people or is that based on my industry?

Desiree & Dennis: It's machine learning based on the post’s engagement, or all of those aggregated together. She uses Google's backend machine learning tools as well.



Desiree Afan is a social media strategist who is very passionate about helping solo entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses to increase their ROI from Social Media. Desiree and her team have proprietary software where clients can simply connect their existing social media accounts and effortlessly manage them all at once. Their clients are the ones to decide how much work they want to do and how much work they want the team to do. They help people, brands, and businesses gradually gain visibility on social platforms, grow their audience, and convert leads. 

If you are ready to improve your business’ ROI, Desiree will always be ready to help you to achieve your business’ success! Get to know Desiree more.

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