How Relationship Banking Can Help You Have the Resources That You Need

How Relationship Banking Can Help You Have the Resources That You Need

Why is it so important to have a relationship with your bank?

When you go to your bank, how many times have you ever heard someone say “we got you”, then, you do your thing and you never hear from them again? Just like that, disappeared into thin air. It’s not that they don’t have the resources that you need but most importantly, they lack this one important effort that they could have given to help you become successful: Relationship.

Relationship banking, why is it important?

This is why M&T really differs a lot from other banks because you can have access to a lot of resources. Big businesses or some of these conglomerates out there have tons and tons of resources that they pay for. But with big and small businesses, Randy as a business banker can help you with anything because he has his resources. When Randy meets with people, he tries to find out how the business runs, what you do well, and where are your pain points. Randy finds that a lot of small businesses are really good at what they do or else they wouldn't be in business, and at M&T they help with the banking once they need to grow more.

Banking misconceptions

There are a lot of misconceptions, myths, everything out there about how banking works. Some people think they just have to put their money in the bank because that's all they want. But with M&T they want the relationship. It’s not about coming in and just putting money in and never hearing from them again, it's more about how they can help you.

“It's not about generating numbers and commission, it's more about figuring out how they can help you grow, how they can help you stabilize and get you to that next level.”

Randy can also help you get a lower rate because a lot of times businesses are so busy and they just don't have time for these things. That's where Randy’s team steps in. They’ll handle just about everything from soup to nuts so their clients can focus on their business. 

Best Bank Rates

Working with a lot of clients, Randy knows that when you go to the deli, or to a bakery they’re swiping your card and they're charging an extra 20 cents or 4%, a dollar or whatever it may be. One of the things M&T does very well because it's in-house is they actually have a merchant program. That means they’ll take your statements, review them and see if they can beat it. And if not, you're back to where you started, and it's free. It's literally a complimentary review. When you do a lot of merchants, a lot of them are fly-by-night services. They come in, they get out, you never hear from them again.

Ultimate Goal

With M&T, if you have issues, just send them an email and they're there to help because the whole goal is to help. A lot of times businesses want to do banking when it’s closer to their place. But what M&T offers is the relationship, and they’ll do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. And at M&T they understand how your business works and help you out.

With small businesses, that's what they really need. In fact, in the last year or two with the PPP loans, M&T Bank had around a 97% success rate and 90% of those were small businesses. If you own a small business, you may have an idea how hard it was or how difficult it was to get a PPP loan or the run around you may have gotten. But with Randy’s Team, it was all hands on deck.

Randy takes Chris’s experience as an example. Chris forgot to sign something on his application.

He forgot to put a number but he didn't have to go to the back of the deck. It’s because Randy knows Chris and he's in the branch where Randy works. So they called him and told him to fill the form out because it was kind of a race, right to the end. This is how relationship banking can help you. From the beginning to the end, where you may want to sell your business down the road we're there to help.

Best Relationship Banker in New Jersey 

Chris: So I've been an M&T customer for a long time. And I remember when Randy was new and he helped me out so much. When the PPP thing was going on in COVID was, I missed something on the form. I forget exactly what it was, but they had me come in and go through the drive-through where they could send it down the tube, I think, or some way where I could sign it and everybody was safe, we didn't know what we didn't know then you know, but it all worked.

It just showed, they cared. I remember my very last networking event before COVID was at their branch. And that was also interesting. They brought in all the heavies, and you guys have come to our trade shows and brought in big management people and clients. It is a community. And even though I've moved, I've stayed with M&T. And that is my plan for the future. It's a community-type bank if that makes sense on a business level.

Community First

One of the big things with M&T is community. When you go to a strip mall,  and you see eight businesses, and three or four of those aren't operating, it's not good for the community. It's not good for anyone. Randy shares that supporting the community and making sure those businesses get the help they need to get them up and running is a matter of the utmost importance. He believes when your community does well, everyone else does well.

Randy also gives volunteer time in the community, not just for businesses, but for nonprofits also every weekend. Sometimes he is doing a food pantry or clothing drive or something to that effect where he knows he can help out. For M&T bank, it's not all about dollars but It's about helping out your community and the people around you.


Randy Morgan, Branch Manager at M&T Bank

Randy Morgan is a Branch Manager at M&T Bank. His passion is helping big and small business owners reach their business goals through relationship banking.

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