Showcase Your Business with Chris Lipper

Showcase Your Business with Chris Lipper


About Chris Lipper

Chris Lipper is a family-oriented person. He is a father of three girls; Christina (19), Victoria (22), and Samantha (25) who are currently in universities. He lives with his partner, Doreen, in Woodstock where they spend their day watching the beautiful scenery surrounding them and as well as spend their time in their Drum Circle. He is also fond of animals as he have six pets with them, two guinea pigs, a rooster, dog, rabbit and iguana.

Moving on to his expertise, he is also an expert who started from scratch and built himself from the ground up. He first experienced working on wall street; institutional trading desks, and mutual funds. He also worked for his family’s magazine for entrepreneurs, sports companies, and as well as for the world’s largest embroidery company. And for the record, he also became a professional inventor of MedTats.

From these years forward, he stopped and began facilitating and coaching different business owners with the help of an organization called Tab. He used his knowledge in entrepreneurship and professionalism moving forward and finally started On The Bus.

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What is On The Bus™️?

On The Bus is a business where sales training, management, coaching, and consulting take place. They offer multiple events that cater to the community; one-on-one coaching sessions, networking events, and real-life events.

What more could they offer?
  • Daily coaching
  • Weekly Networking
  • Bi-Weekly Sales Training
  • Monthly Virtual Bus Trips
  • Monthly Lunch and Learns
  • Quarterly Trade Shows.


Join On The Bus as it can help you make your team grow and have a system in place that works!


You can also subscribe to their ON THE BUS™ WORKBOOK where you can learn more about sales techniques and business behaviors.


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