Community-Centered  environment  on Helping Business  Owners

Community-Centered Environment on Helping Business Owners

Get “On the Bus” to Become Successful

A lot of business owners who come to Chris ask: “I've got an employee stealing but they're my best salesperson, what do I do? How do I handle this?  What are you guys doing about Covid? What do you do when you've got somebody who's calling out having Covid for the fourth time?” If you are facing the same problem as Chris’s clients, you’ve come to the right place.

The thing that Chris does very best is coaching small business owners, startups to about 20 million dollars in revenue, and the way he does it is by community. He has a community of small business owners that work together and helps each other. Every month, they conduct multiple “bus meetings” for different size companies. With these meetings, Chris wants complete honesty where people take off their armor, ‘you're not there to network, you're not there to save face’

 On The Bus with Chris Lipper

He wants complete honesty from the people he works with, people that are willing to be vulnerable and just say “I don't know what to do next” or “I don't know how to get from A to B.” People who are lost and don't even know where B is, they’re just in it all the time paddling, not going in a direction.

Start with a Vision

When Chris works with a client, he starts with a vision and works from the exit backward so people know where they're heading towards. In the last 7 years,  41 of their business owners have sold their businesses and that was the reason they came to him. As Chris mentioned, small businesses selling their business have to understand that “the less of you, the more it's worth”.

Chris likes working with:

  • People who would like to exit their business 
  • People who would like to transition the business to their kids
  • A recent widow or widower who has inherited a business 
  • Bankers
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Other professionals who work with small business owners

As a result of working with Chris, business owners do very well. Their sales and revenue are up 75 to 150 percent during Covid. In between their monthly meetings, they do one-to-one coaching to get them ready for their next meeting. They have the challenge and opportunity to present and they use a virtual system in their meetings. There’s a forum prior so they know how they're doing with their behavioral goals and other things that are going to keep them moving along.

Chris offers the following:

  • Sales training every other week; on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.
  • A class on giving two-minute and four-minute introductions
  • A sales system to handle a meeting when you get the referral
  • A sales system on how to coach someone on giving the referral 
  • A workbook that covers it all 

New Book Coming Up

Now Chris is also working on his next book which will be out in the fall.  It's well underway and entrepreneurs are anonymously going to share some of the mistakes they've made with everyone else so they can be avoided.

Networking Events

There’s also a weekly networking group that meets on Thursday mornings at 9 AM. There are no exclusives, so BNI members can come where business gets done. 

Virtual Trade Shows

They also have quarterly trade shows or virtual trade shows. They had live shows in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and then in 2018 and 2019, they had two shows in a year. In 2020, they had two shows scheduled but when Covid hit, they had to go virtual. So far they like virtual much better and as do most that attend. People are missing live interaction but the virtual platform works very well for things like trade shows. In fact, they had six trade shows in the last 12 months!

Chris will be moving virtual offices again on Friday, February 11, 2022, and everyone’s invited to join in. They have beautiful training rooms and conference rooms and private offices for the members. They will also have a beautiful trade show floor on March 4, 2022. They’re not doing it on Zoom anymore. Watch the video as he showed his beautiful office where he has an avatar. There’s a virtual wall of video testimonials so you click on any of the pictures and it will bring you to Youtube pages where you can hear the testimonials. There’ll be a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the grand opening this Friday at two o'clock.

There’s also a new virtual trade show floor that has 15 booths and it's got a look and feel of a real trade show.  There are also talking areas. It can hold 100 people on the floor at a time so things are going to move people through pretty quickly. 

All this hard work is part of what Chris does with the community, everything mainly about business owners. They're always trying to find ways to help owners and help the community. If you know someone who could benefit from something like “On The Bus” they don't need to get left behind. Don't wait around to be successful to get on the bus. You get on the bus to become successful.


On the Bus Founder, Chris Lipper

Chris Lipper is the Founder of On the Bus and he works primarily with founding business owners to help them reach greater success. Over the years, he coached hundreds of business owners in sales and marketing and has experience creating brand identity and corporate image as well as product development and marketing worldwide.

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