Top Marketing tips for getting your business noticed

Top Marketing tips for getting your business noticed

Clairant Services, LLC. with Desirae Haluk, Founder & CEO

Are you looking for marketing tips for your business?

Watch this video and learn a lot of marketing strategies that will help you establish your brand and close deals! Watch ‘till the end as Desirae answers questions about her business and what she does.

In this Relax Teams video, Desirae shares tons of advice from a small business perspective and marketing in 2021. 

Desirae is the founder and CEO of Clairant Services specializes in marketing for startups and small businesses. Desirae worked for both startup companies and large corporations and that’s how she knew that startups and small businesses are more fun for her. Quick decision-making, less red tape, and freedom for creativity inspired her to start up her own company. 

In Clairant, Desirae is doing a lot of lead nurturing campaigns, like newsletters and mass emailing as well as chief marketing officer services. She has two employees but will be needing to hire more people as their clients went from 2 to 30 the past year!

Read the marketing tips below from Desirae herself.

  1. Have a good website. A good website has to have a good user experience. Make sure that contact information is everywhere. Include your blog if you have one. 
  2. Use social media. It’s free and it allows so many things you can do online that are cost-effective and are powerful from a marketing standpoint. Have educational and entertaining content, find out where your target audiences are hanging out, and post as often as you can.
  3. Use Google, My Business. It is free and all you need is a Gmail account. Verify your business page so you can control what Google is showing people about you, your website, and your business. 
  4. Learn about lead nurturing. Find a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool and utilize it. Make use of virtual networking and grab all information you can get and enter that in your CRM. You can start slowly from once a month, to every two weeks, to weekly. Feel your target audience, keep nurturing your list, and you will get to close some deals.
  5. Engage in networking. Meet people and build relationships. This is very helpful for small businesses growing.

Q&A portion (Make sure to watch the video to get more specific details)

Q: What tiers of services and cost are involved?  

A: Services available are social media posting, leadership services, lead nurturing campaigns, blog writing services, doodle videos. Cost ranges from $250-$3,600 a month 

Q: Do you customize your programs/packages?

A: Yes, definitely. They do branding, marketing plans, marketing strategies that are more simplified for small businesses.

Q: How do you recommend being engaging and fun on social media while still being professional?

A: Know your audience and know how they will react. Do your research and find out what is engaging for them. Look at what your competitors are doing and their engagement rates. Also, knowing what the brand represents is very important.

Q: What do you do for people who have a very, very niche type of audience in terms of lead generation?

A: For businesses that have a monthly budget, Desirae suggested, a database of millions of businesses, their employees, and all other businesses attached to it. Packages start from $250 a month.

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