A presentation about Business Made Simple with Google Workspace by Dennis Harabin

Business Made Simple with Google Workspace

Using the right Google tools can help you leverage your business’s profitability

What are the different Google Workspace tools? How much are Google Business packages? What are the advantages of using Google Workspace compared to other platforms? What’s the importance of technology in process automation? 

Small business owners happy to run their business

Relax Net is a Google authorized reseller. As a reseller of Google, they can help you get everything from Google with an extra layer of support. There are no changes in the pricing and all Google services will be available. RelaxNet will go in to help you select the right Google service.

Google makes all the software and makes all the tools, but RelaxNET is the human aspect. They are the human connection to help you identify if you need cloud identity or help you identify which pieces of workspace to use. 

Google rolls new code or new products out faster than anyone. And to be able to stay up and know what you're paying for and what you have is a challenge. People usually don’t realize how much power and tools they have with Google.


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Google Workspace Tools

Google Workspace Tools Icons

If you already have Google Workspace, it only takes about three minutes to put in a code, transfer things over and then change the code back. RelaxNET then becomes your reseller. In essence, you pay them exactly what you are going to pay Google, but then they'll give you that extra layer of support and ensure you're getting the most out of all the different areas.

When it comes to having a meeting online, people are just comfortable with Zoom, but you can do all that and more with Google Meet where you have your Gmail and the tools that people know of. If you are running your business and you're running it off of a Gmail account, for $6 a month, you can use your own domain. The level of professionalism goes through the roof, but also the difference between Gmail and professional tools is exponentially different.

There's a lot more you can do. And a lot more you can preserve and have with the various tool suites that you may or may not know, all consolidated and controlled. As you add people into your organization, you control everything that happens.  You can do different pieces, but it really just adds that level of professionalism. The product suites go way beyond.

People talk about Evernote and it’s equivalent to Google Keep. And again, you're getting all these tools for $6 a month. Most people are paying $6 to $12 bucks a month, depending on which platform they have, and have no idea that half these helpful Google tools are here.

Google Workspace works almost like Slack. Combining on your files like documents, slides, and sheets, you have tools that you can put into Google Drive. All these becomes your core platform in which you can plug and integrate any other tool or platform into.

Microsoft products were built for the laptop, not for the web. The Google Suite was built for the web and has evolved over time. So it's a web first platform. 


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Google Workspace Plans

Google Workspace Plans Pricing

It’s the same pricing, whether you get it from the Google website or you come and buy from us.

  • In as little as $6 a month, Business Starter package is usually what most people need and require. 
  • Business Standard is best for you if you have a number of people in your team and if you need more cloud storage. Small organizations usually don't need Business Plus as Business Standard is more than enough. 

Google AppSheet

There's another tool called Google AppSheet, which is a no-programming code that you basically can build off of Google Sheets. You can actually build your own mobile applications for your organization, we can help you with that and that's still included in that $12 a month.

The level and the depth of tools that are available from the Google Workspace is just too hard to keep up with and people don't realize that they already have it all. 

Leveraging and getting the most out of this Google tool set is something that you really want to be able to do and RelaxNET can help you with it. It’s a multiple toolbox that a lot of people don’t know about. 

Relax Tax and RelaxNET: Using Technology to Automate Processes

If your accountants are using sheets and loading your data manually, they're spending all their time doing what the software could have done for them already. That's the big difference between of what Relax Tax is,  they are CPAs and they are strategizing. They are not actually doing accounting, the systems do the accounting, and Relax Tax do the strategy. They do the tax planning, and analysis of your data to help you on your finances. And to be able to do that, you need to have the right tools in place to get you there. That's why Relax Tax focuses on two sides, they focus on the after which is what you've made and to retain more of what you made as a strategy and planning. 

After all, it's really about running your business more efficiently and effectively.

The whole entire process, the internal controls, the building up the systems, that's really what Relax Tax is all about. When you look at Ernst Young Deloitte, they've all dropped the accounting out of their names, they're really a system processor. So the big four do it for the fortune 500.  Relax Tax do it for the small businesses and there are very few people doing it. There's about four people who is an authorized Google reseller at the space and level that that they are nationwide. They have been doing it for a very long time, and it's just now that people are ready to do this, that we can actually do it for the small businesses.

Relax Tax is more of a tech company helping businesses with their finances. Everybody has to be a tech company nowadays. It doesn't matter the size of your business, if you're not in a position to be a hundred percent on the web, and you don't want to be 100% on the web, Relax Tax probably is not the right firm for you. But for the people who are, they just make the accounting simple, where it does itself by using the right tools and technology.


Dennis Harabin, Founder of Relax Tax and Relax Teams

Dennis Harabin is the founder of Relax Tax and Relax teams. His mission is to help US families and small business owners retain more of what they earn so they can pursue their passions. He is also obsessed with helping group of professionals come together to tell their story, support and help each other.

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