Best Supplements For Your Overall Health

Best Supplements For Your Overall Health

How Active Redox Signaling Molecule Maintain Healthy Cells in The Body

Do you experience pain everyday on your lower back, pain in the shoulders, headache, migraine, or arthritis? Ever wonder if there’s a product that can help you manage it? Drew shares his knowledge about these natural supplement products that can help you reduce pain and improve your overall health.

Real-life Results

Drew had a couple of herniated discs in his back that happened in 2007. Since then, he’s gone through everything except surgery and was accustomed to having a six out of ten pain. He is going to bed and waking up in the morning stiff as a board and he has to lubricate his joints. He was then introduced to a company called ASEA Manufactures and they have a product called Redox. He applies the gel before he goes to bed and when he wakes up in the morning. 

Since using the product both in gel form and water form, he’s now down to a one out of ten pain and reduced stiffness and it's just changed his life completely. Other unintended results for him have been skin improvement, dark circles under his eyes are gone, and even brain fog which usually happens when he’s doing a million things at once. He tends to get overwhelmed and makes it difficult to focus but these products really helped Drew clear his brain and become more productive and efficient. 

Discover ASEA

ASEA means from the sea and it's a company that was formed back in the ’90s. It started when Verdis Norton’s son had asked him to go on the board for a biotech company. When they were looking to create a product to clean dental instruments it was then that they were able to create this product and they were able to stabilize it outside the body. At that point, Verdis Norton realized this biotech company was losing money. He quickly bought the patents for millions of dollars, invested money into a laboratory to look at the product and they started letting people use it because they realized the positive effects and the feedback was unbelievable. 

He tried to sell the patent and the product to the pharmaceutical company for a lot of money but the pharmaceutical company had a stipulation that if they buy the product it will be taken away from these patients who need it and they won’t be able to use it anymore. The ethical decision Verdis Norton made was absolutely not, because people depend on it. As of now, it is still owned by the Norton family.

Best Supplements For Health

Redox Signaling (also called cell signaling) is vital to strengthening the genetic signal that keeps cells talking. ASEA’s breakthrough redox signaling technology provides critical connection and communication between cells to ensure optimal renewal and revitalization, supporting the development of new, healthy cells in the body.

You might have heard of antioxidants but have you heard of redox or reductants and oxidants? These are products inside our body that for years, scientists didn't know what the benefits were or what the main function of these. Basically, redox is a cell signaling molecule. We need to have strong cells in every part of our body and when they break down or they're not strong that's when we get diseases and illnesses. In western medicine, usually that happens and you go on pharmaceuticals. This breakthrough technology is a cell signaling supplement that when it enters the body, it amplifies the cell's signaling so the cells can actually communicate with each other and let the body know it needs help in that part of the body.

When we're children we generate a lot of this. This is why children can fall off a bike and rebound quickly as if nothing happened. They have a lot of energy and lack fatigue. But  when puberty hits, the mitochondria start to produce less and less of this product over time. This is the reason why we get wrinkles, gray hair, we go bald and take a long time to recover from any kind of illness. 

What this product does is it puts redox back in our body and the body recognizes it for years of use obviously and then our cells are regenerated. This product initially created a skin care line or anti-aging and it's a patented technology now. The goal is to spread this information to as many people as possible because the results have been absolutely fantastic.

One disclaimer that Drew mentioned is that they don't use the product to diagnose or cure any kind of health concern. It's just a natural supplement in the body that helps us anti-age. 


“The only way that the information going out about these amazing products is word of mouth. There will be no advertisement we want to keep to the people and the more people I can introduce this, the better. The product is made out of mostly saline, salt and water, and that's what this product is. It's just the molecular structure is reconfigured in the form of redox so it's no longer salt and water.”


 ASEA Redox products

ASEA REDOX products are the first and only products on the market that contain active redox signaling molecules, cellular messengers vital in protecting, rejuvenating and restoring cells. These molecules, native to the human body, are created through a groundbreaking, patented process that reorganizes molecules of natural salt and purified water into redox signaling molecules. 


ASEA has plenty of products but Drew focuses on two products: the gel and the water form. Use the gel, RENU 28, and put a healthy amount on the part of the body that ails you, under the eyes, your back. It’s also good for burns and any kind of pain after a workout. 


You apply it three times in five minutes. First, always assess the pain before you apply it, then, assess the pain ten minutes after the first application. About ninety percent of the people feel the difference right away. The blue bottle, ASEA REDOX is the immediate relief. The tube really allows people to realize that what's in the water does work too, it just works from the inside out while the topical aging is from the outside right in.

The topical agent penetrates two inches beneath the surface of the skin and this product breaks the blood-brain barrier. Drew uses this for his son's migraine that usually lasts for two weeks and it does improve his headaches because it penetrates the blood-brain barrier in the cells in his head.

Q&A with Drew

Dennis: What else is in the gel version to give it that form?

Drew: There's an innocuous substance that allows it to gel but one good place to ask that question is every Saturday Dr. David Silverman who was a practicing podiatrist, he's now on the medical board for a voluntary position. He does live Zooms every Saturday morning at 9:30 Q&A about the product and that's the perfect place to ask clinical questions like, what's in the product? And the effects of it. I also have a video that he's done and others have done that can answer that better than I can. If you're wanting to build the business like I am, the last half hour of that Saturday Zoom is about the business aspect and questions and answers.

Erin: Is the gel good for arthritis as well?

Drew: It's worked for people with any kind of joint pain really. The reason why people have ailments like that is the cells in that area are degenerating so it will regenerate the cells in that specific area.

For those interested, Drew can talk one-on-one in order to help you buy the products. He can also walk you through on the website to give you more information.  There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on the product, so there's really no risk to try it. Just reach out to Drew so he can assist you with anything or if you know somebody who has a health concern they want to improve.


Drew Deraney is an independent affiliate of ASEA in the health and wellness space. He worked in healthcare servicing patients and families for 24 years in the hospital industry. When he made a life transition in his career,  he was out of the healthcare space for the past three years but now he’s back in it to continue his passion.

 Get to know Drew Deraney more! 

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