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Health Insurance For Employees In Multiple States

Insurance Plan With National Access

Whether you just want to increase your team's diversity or you decided to switch to remote work setting, having employees from multiple states can make offering health insurance a challenge. Each different state has a different set of laws and regulations, it can be difficult to understand with whom your small business should acquire coverage. 

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Insurance Plan For Multistate Employees

You need to pick a plan with national access. You can't just pick an EPO or an HMO that does not have national access because the person living in Chicago or LA or Florida, wouldn't be able to use the plan that you have, unless it had a national access rider.

Other than health insurance plans, you can also offer other kinds of benefits like tax-advantaged and employee retention. Click here to learn more.

Offering Multiple Plans

You can still offer multiple plans in your company. You could offer an HMO that just has access to one state like New Jersey, and then you can offer another plan that has national access. This way,  whoever wants to go on that national access plan, can and whoever wants to go on the HMO with access to a single state can go on that plan as well. The important thing is that the employees that live out of state must choose the plan that has national access.



James Restaino is part of Relax Benefits. He is a Managing Partner/Broker at Specialized Health Services LLC, an Employee Benefits Company that specializes in group health insurance, life insurance, and dental/vision insurance servicing companies in New Jersey and New York. His ideal clients are companies that have at least 2 enrolled employees on Employee Benefits. With his 25 years of experience, he can help you find the right coverage for you or your employees.


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