What happens when you need to relocate a senior.

What happens when you need to relocate a senior.

This Relax Teams video featuring George Pizzo speaks about downsizing and senior relocation on July 22th, 2020 Team Central Jersey.

Caring Transitions is a service made for people who are downsizing or relocating. Especially for seniors, this can be a stressful experience. That’s because when it comes time to clean out the house where you’ve been living for 50 years, it can be overwhelming for most people.

A lot of things need to be sorted, tossed, and organized. That’s where Caring Transitions comes in. You’re going to hear a real-life story about an elderly lady with a housing problem that was too much for her to sort out by herself. 

That gave George an idea to start a service that will help people that have similar problems with downsizing and relocating. The service will minimize the stress and provide peace of mind for seniors while relocating.

George covers the following topics:

  • Senior Relocating
  • Moving & Downsizing 
  • Organization
  • Estate sales
  • Online auctions for households


To quote George:

  • “For seniors moving can be a stressful and overwhelming time.”
  • “Senior relocation might become really emotional really quickly. ”
  • “Sometimes we become life counselors with our clients because this is such an emotional moment in their lives.”


See more in the video above. 

George Pizzo is working at Caring Transitions of Somerset County (NJ).

More about George Pizzo service on LinkedIn.

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