The Gold in Lemon Water.

What’s the secret of Beyonce’s glowing skin and energetic look? and how does Jennifer Aniston have a perfect non-wrinkly face even at 48 age?  Lisa Dvorin knows all of the celeb secrets. Hey, it’s totally affordable (or free!). So, we’ll have what she is having - and that’s lemon water.

Lisa Dvorin, who helps people to live healthier says that freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed with warm water can do everything from preventing certain diseases to boost immunity. Even though drink sounds so basic- water with a slice of lemon in it- it’s actually an overachiever! Lemon water sparks your metabolism balances your pH and helps you with your digestion. This alkaline food (yes! It is) acts as your wellness warrior and keeps you healthier. Another reason why you would want to choose drinking this warming tonic is it helps in weight loss. (whoo! Finally, we all found the easiest way). Lisa Dvorin also mentions that drinking lemon water, particularly in the morning hours, helps in flushing out any unwanted matter and keep your lymph system hydrated much.

Just squeezing half a lemon in warm water (not too hot- you can kill the enzymes) is the easiest way to upgrade your morning routine. Mmmmm, that being said by Lisa, let’s try to sip our way to that Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston glow.