Millennial buying habits during the pandemic

Millennial buying habits during the pandemic

This Relax Teams video featuring John DePaola speaks about how the pandemic is financially impacting millennials on the May 27th, 2020 Team Central Jersey.

Pandemic is having a huge impact on the entire world and in this video, John is giving an insight in terms of millennial buyers. They represent the largest percentage of the workforce and that’s the main reason for giving them attention.

John is talking about job losses and pandemic uncertainty that has a huge impact on the millennial group. Also, mentioning student loan debts and strategies on paying these efficiently. 

Also, John speaks about major life events like marriage and buying homes that every millennial is going through. Not only that there is a problem with COVID uncertainty, but also there is an increase of the cost of living that is making their life and related purchasing decisions even harder.

Paul covers the following topics:

  • The impact of a pandemic on millennial buyers
  • Job stability & job losses in pandemic time
  • The COVID uncertainty 
  • Cost of living

To quote Paul:

  • “At the end of the day, all of us are working with millennials.”
  • “Millennials are the most diverse group ever.”
  • “The Millennial group is the largest portion of the working adults today.”
  • “Millennials need more time for making purchasing decisions.”

See more in the video above. 

John DePaola is part of the Northeast Financial Network based in Cranford. John is a financial advisor, and he’s specialized in building and preserving wealth by using comprehensive financial strategies. More about him on LinkedIn. was created during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist local professionals in sharing their strengths and skills with the community.  

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