Desirae Haluk about growing LinkedIn presence

Desirae Haluk about growing LinkedIn presence

This Relax Teams video featuring Desirae Haluk speaks about how to grow a LinkedIn presence on the July 15th, 2020 Team Central Jersey.

Nowadays business owners are busier than ever. And they need guidance on how to build their LinkedIn presence organically in just 10 or 20 minutes a day. 

You’re going to hear more about why a personal page is crucial when it comes to growing your business. There is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a business page, personal page, and LinkedIn profile that will grow your personal and business network. 

Also, you’re going to learn how to properly messaging, contact people, and ask them to follow your business. Besides that, Desirae will show you why posting 5 times per week is important if you want to engage with people and grow your online presence fast.

Desirae covers the following topics:

  • Linkedin online presence
  • Creating personal & business page
  • The importance of growing personal network
  • Inviting connections to follow
  • Posting & sharing on LinkedIn profile and business page
  • Advantages of LinkedIn 

To quote Desirae:

  • “Growing a personal network is more important than growing a business page.”
  • “It’s important to organically grow your LinkedIn profile.”
  • “Good strategy is to post content  on profile 5 times per week” 

See more in the video above. 

Desirae Haluk is Founder & CEO at Clairant Services LLC. 

Working as a senior-level Marketing Executive Desirae is leveraging expert SEO and digital marketing knowledge with practical B2B and B2C experience. More about Desirae Haluk on LinkedIn. was created during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist local professionals in sharing their strengths and skills with the community.