Getting your office or school ready to reopen

Getting your office or school ready to reopen

This Relax Teams video featuring Jonas DeVita speaks about automatic
door solutions solving many high-end offices and buildings for the post
COVID world on the (date) Team Central Jersey.

As we navigate through COVID together, Access Commercial Doors are
working around the clock to provide “touchless” automatic door solutions to
help to minimize the transmission of harmful viruses through touching the
contaminated push plates and door handles.

At access commercial doors, they provide architectural hardware and
commercial doors to general contractors and end-users. The company
provides things that you see everything on the door. Along with selling
commercial goods, Access Commercial Doors understand customer plans
and interpret it to provide the best solution.

They have an experienced and highly skilled team of specialists who will
engage with general contractors and end-users to provide expert
consultation to create a much simpler and effective approach to their door

The CEO of Access Commercial Doors, Jonas DeVita, says they have an
automatic door opening solution that works on a motion sensor. Every time
you walk into your office space, the doors can be opened with just a wave
of your hand.

With over 30 years in the industry, the company has a great team of
technicians who give an extra level of service and provides instant support
to all their clients when any problem is faced.

To quote Jonas DeVita:

● “Use hand or foot to open the door automatically”.
● “Facial recognition through access control systems by providing
everything within the door opening”.
● “Securing critical infrastructure by proving tracking solutions to see
who enters and exits”.

See more in the above video.

Their team understands the customer requirements and analyzes heavy
user openings and traffic flow inside the client’s office space and comes up
with touchless automatic door solutions.

Jonas DeVita is the CEO of Access Commercial Doors.
Worked as a Sales Manager for 10 years in B2B advertising. Leading
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