The Road To College Starts NOW

The Road To College Starts NOW


It is that time of the year again.

You are here because the college application season is on-going once again. Every student, just like your child, is applying to the top universities and all of you are undeniably feeling that it is impossible to get into the school of your choice. I assure you, it is not impossible and we are here to help.

There is no doubt that applying to college is a stressful process for both students and families and I could not agree more. The whole process consists of determining the strategies on how to ace the college applications and essays, think about the colleges to apply to and also the possible strategies that they can do on the financial aspect. But for that reason we, Relax Tax, collaborated with the Destination College to guide them throughout their whole college planning process and help them achieve the results that they desire.


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In this chapter, Mr. Russ Vitale the founder of the Destination College, discusses six (6) topics that serves as a guide for students who are currently starting their college journey.

The first discussion is all about Programming Your GPS For College. This focuses on giving aid to the parents in terms of the academic, financial and procedural aspects of their child's college journey. Therefore, this is very important to cover because this not only provide BOTH students and the parents tips on how to start the college journey right, but it also provide the most effective strategy on how to successfully navigate the whole college journey into a more exceptional experience.

The second discussion is about Preparing For The Journey. This is an important step before stepping in to college because there are factors that should be prepared for such as financial, academic, social, geographic, and as well as the athletic aspect. Mr. Russ then explains that the best way to prepare for the journey is to personalize and customize the plan because of the fact that every student is unique and has a different way of learning.


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The College Playbook is an interactive playbook that helps individuals who are planning or seeking to apply to different colleges and universities. This has been developed and designed by financial experts, college experts, and industry experts to provide insights that will allow them to formulate a plan and help them deeply understand the important aspects to consider when applying to college. They can also get an advantage when they purchase this playbook; they will not only be able to customize their own team that fits their needs and have access to software toolkits, BUT also get early access to project scholarships that could help them pay for college at the most reasonable price!




Another important topic is Identifying Your Gaps. It was discussed that having the option of getting an expert's advice and as well as guidance is the best thing to have when applying to college. Experts have the greatest ability to check on the possible gaps that can be encountered during the journey so this is something parents should consider most especially if they want their child to achieve the admission goals and get their desired results.

Change happens every single time and it cannot be avoided. That is why Navigating The Detours is very important to talk about because the parents will be provided many options on how they could basically respond to those changes. Although, it should not be a problem as Mr. Russ will give guidance to any decision in order to get the BEST result that can lead to success.

It is also agreed that going through the process of college can lead the students to either stay in their current course or change their course because of the difficulties that they experience. That is why Reroute Or Stay On The Current Course? is discussed by Mr. Russ in order to help the students, along with their parents, assess themselves once again before making a final decision. This should be talked through because making the wrong decision will cost them a lot monetarily and as well as mentally.


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I must say, it is not easy to develop a strategic plan that will guide you on your way to success when entering to college. It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources before you get the results that you want to see. There will also be that moment where you find yourself not achieving the goals that you desire and you will feel like it does not help you get where you want to be. Well in that case, I bet it is time for you to revisit your roadmap and modify it once again.


Ultimately, going through the process of college can take many twist and turns but RelaxTax and the Destination College can help YOU navigate your way to the right direction. By joining Mr. Russ' discussion of Reaching Your College Destination Successfully can help you establish the success criteria immediately which can help you have a happy and holistic college experience.


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