Financial Factors Impacting Your Journey

Financial Factors Impacting Your Journey


It is possible to navigate the financial factors that could affect your college journey!


We all know how painful it is for you to discuss your family's finances to your child. This results to forgetting to look through the financial factors that could affect your child's college process.

Let us all admit it, the tuition fee costs so much more these days and YOU are just seeking to receive these admission letters and financial aid offers that could help you and your child pay for a lower cost.

Well, what if I tell you that it is more than possible to get a more reasonable price to pay for education? Join me in this college playbook and I will help you get the financial aid that you desire and deserve!


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In this chapter, Dennis Harabin CPA the founder of Relax Tax, discusses six (6) topics that can help you and your family deeply understand the possible financial aids you can receive during the whole college process.

It is very important to understand the basics of Financial Aid 101 as there are various types and key terms you will see during this process. There are so many things to consider in order for you to determine the type of financial aid that fits you and your family. You also have to take note that even when your child's desired school knows that you need aid in regards to finances, it is not certain that you will get 100% of that need. 

Shaping Your FAFSA To Lower Your EFC is one of the most important topics that you and your family should look into. Planning ahead on the application for financial aid can improve your FAFSA and as well as reduce your EFC. I bet it got you wondering, "How important EFC is for this process?". I must say, EFC is the most critical part of the Financial Aid Formula because of the fact that it can make a big difference in the actual total cost of your child's education.


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I must say, it is not easy to develop a strategic plan that will guide you on your way to success when entering to college. It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources before you get the results that you want to see. There will also be that moment where you find yourself not achieving the goals that you desire and you will feel like it does not help you get where you want to be. Well in that case, I bet it is time for you to revisit your roadmap and modify it once again.




Thinking about more ways on how to pay for your child's education? Well, you are lucky because it is actually possible to do it by Paying With Other People's Money and as well as by Paying With Your Savings. In both of these topics, I will discuss the procedures and strategies that will surely help you and your family get the advantage of having to pay for your child's education without a problem. But the only thing that could be a barrier on this process is when there is no money saved for college at all. You have to be realistic and you should not hesitate to adjust on the college that you and your child want to choose.

But the real question is. How does The Schools Determine Your Price? Schools are big businesses that uses advanced forms of analytics. But to make it more understandable, Mr. David Babst and I will discuss everything that the schools have to offer for both parents and students. You will also understand more about your value and as well as how to get the best deal in achieving your educational objectives.

Further, Tools To Pay Less For College tells us that there are also some special set of tools that you can use in order to pay less for college. A tool, specifically TuitionFit, is explained so that you could get a deeper understanding on how much money you should really pay for your child's college fees. The advantage of this tool is that it does not only help you negotiate on the educational cost but also helps your child determine the school that matches their learning capabilities.



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Are you figuring out how to help your child be successful in college? Well what if I tell you that it does not have to require exceptional skills? The key here is to  help your child prepare and start their college on the right foot! You have to understand that college preparations does not only mean preparing for tests or applications. It also means preparing in other factors that could affect your child emotionally, socially, and academically.



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