Developing A Successful Plan

Developing A Successful Plan

A well thought plan is your roadmap for SUCCESS

I must say, it is not easy to develop a strategic plan that will guide you on your way to success when entering to college. It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources before you get the results that you want to see. There will also be that moment where you find yourself not achieving the goals that you desire and you will feel like it does not help you get where you want to be. Well in that case, I bet it is time for you to revisit your roadmap and modify it once again.


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In this chapter, Mr. Russ Vitale the founder of the Destination College, discusses six (6) topics that serves as an aid for both students and parents to develop the best and most effective plan when entering college.

Efficiency Of Your Time, Effort and Resources is a discussion where Mr. Russ reminds the parents to NOT overspend their time in doing unnecessary things during their child's college process. They should deeply understand which aspects to focus on in order for them to not be overwhelmed and confused. It is also advised to get an expert's guidance to be more efficient throughout the college process and it can literally save the families thousands of dollars.

Another topic discussed is the High School Class Choices. This focuses more on the students' perspective so it is one of the most important discussion to look into. The goal in this discussion is to help the students make the RIGHT decisions most especially when there are many courses to consider and select. Students should assess themselves and carefully decide on these courses because of the fact that whatever decision that they will make can impact their options in the future.


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The College Playbook is an interactive playbook that helps individuals who are planning or seeking to apply to different colleges and universities. This has been developed and designed by financial experts, college experts, and industry experts to provide insights that will allow them to formulate a plan and help them deeply understand the important aspects to consider when applying to college. They can also get an advantage when they purchase this playbook; they will not only be able to customize their own team that fits their needs and have access to software toolkits, BUT also get early access to project scholarships that could help them pay for college at the most reasonable price!



The Standardized Testing discussion provides exceptional advice particularly about the SAT and ACT. Students, along with their parents, should take this seriously as this should be something to be prepared for. This gives an idea whether which test to choose or which test is best for a specific student. Also in this discussion, Mr. Russ also explained when to take these tests and how to basically prepare for them.

Creating Your Story is also a way to attract the colleges because they will be able to see the students' academic responsibilities, interests, and the extra-curricular activities that they do or can do. But take note that when you create your own story, the whole content should tell only the truth and it should be realistic.

Do you want to know which college fits you? Visit, Visit, Visit is the answer to your question. It is important to visit the colleges that you plan to apply to because this allows you to get tangible information that you need in order to see what they have in store for you.

The Bumper Sticker Envy is so desired that it matters to all individuals who are entering the journey to college. However, it should not be really focused on because it does not guarantee happiness or even success. The students and the parents should focus more on the financial, academic, and social aspects in order for them to see which school is a good match for them.


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Are you figuring out how to help your child be successful in college? Well what if I tell you that it does not have to require exceptional skills? The key here is to  help your child prepare and start their college on the right foot! You have to understand that college preparations does not only mean preparing for tests or applications. It also means preparing in other factors that could affect your child emotionally, socially, and academically.


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